Friday, December 10, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like"...every other day!

going to have to hunt some of this white stuff down!
 Thank goodness for Christmas lights and trees (yes, even the fake, plastic ones!) ~ without them, I wouldn't believe it was that time of year! Because (to paraphrase another song)...

"Oh the weather outside is"...lovely!

This return to Southern California living does not take much getting used to in the weather department--every day is quite nice. We are planning a trip to nearby mountains, though, to experience some of the chill that really SHOULD accompany December ;)
Truly, the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas make my heart glad. I am happy to have a staircase, once again, in our current house to wrap with garland and lights. There is just something special about ascending a softly, glowing staircase at night as I head to bed.

Which is where I am headed now. *yawn*

I just wanted to make sure a Christmas"y" greeting awaited you here on my blog.  (in case you are here for the first time--welcome! if you are a return visitor, well--you know I love you and welcome you, too!)

I would promise to get back with more photos and such, but I say that all of the time---and then I usually (eventually) do--- but for now, I am enjoying just posting when I can, and reading other blogs when I can, and living life on the 'outside' with intention :)

Merry Christmas to all!  (and of course,... to all, a good night!) 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gabby's 10th

Gabby celebrated here birthday by getting a 'rock star' make-over at Downtown Disney's 'Disney 365 Studio'. Evie and cousin, Julianna, also had make-overs, and after, we were able to play in California Adventure for a bit before heading back to the house for cake with the rest of the family.

Ian entertained himself while the girls had their make-overs.

may they all come true, Gab-girl. I love you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


seriously. don't mess with me. or my girl.

Because of our move from acreage to cul-de-sac living he has transitioned from outdoor, hunting cat to indoor pussy ~and this cat now has a serious attitude problem with everyone except Gabby.

He knows she is the one who picked him and she has hauled him around since she was three years old, so he is fiercely protective of her. They sleep together every night, and in the morning, this is the kind of unwelcome looks I am greeted with. ( from him, not her--she's a lovey!)

Sometimes he is as sweet as can be to me, allowing me to pet him, even purring --but most times he only tolerates me ...then he bites me. hard.

I miss the free-roaming, outdoor Peri --and we have actually attempted to let him go outside here (got him a collar and ID tag) but he is very afraid and does not like it even for a moment
--but, despite his new nasty temperament, I would miss him even more if he were gone.

Here's to you ~ Mr. Periwinkle ~ I love you anyway ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Disney Life more and more days find us at "happyland"...well, it gets me thinking...perhaps I should have another blog...a blog specifically for our Disney life...a blog titled... ?!?!  perhaps ~ Our Disney Life?

or....? any other suggestions?

I don't love the idea of starting another blog, and yet, I find that what I most want to post is about our days in Disneyland. ~ then, those who want to follow all that crazy fun can--and those who don't...well, they can stay here :)

and~ speaking of all things Disney--check out those amazing caramel apples! (and the amazing price tag to go along with them!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my birthday fun

 Keira and mommy (Tricia)  (my sis in law and niece) paint pumpkins
 Brennan (nephew), Evie and Ian paint their pumpkins

Special Breakfast (made by my kiddos!), Pumpkin Carving (and scooping antics by daddy!), New Camera (that's it hiding up there on the fridge--couldn't use it because it was straight out of the box--needed charging!thank you, love, for an awesome and unexpected gift!), and Yummy Food( check out those fun rice crispy treats) ~ it was a lovely, surrounded by family, birthday.

note:  There would be MANY more photos of family ~ if they all hadn't been such stinkers about having their photo taken! I see I shall have to train these ones: I love taking photos and you must learn to pose for me!!! :)   So, even though they are not pictured here ~ mom and dad gove, greg and julie (brother and sister in law), AJ (nephew), Julianna (niece), and GABBY!! (how did she get by me?!)  were also all at the pumpkin carving/birthday party.

the only thing that would have made it better: the REST of my family here and all of my Northwest friends--sooo missing you all!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

National Chocolate Cupcake Day?!

That sounds like reason for a new post!

Not like there is anything else going on in our lives...

Actually, I've never been a big fan of chocolate cake ~ but if you are, maybe we can work out a deal, you see, I LOVE frosting. and sometimes it can be awkward just asking for a slice of frosting. or (in today's cupcake day mode) just licking the frosting off the top.

not considered polite.

In other news...
~we are now living in southern CA
~we are Disneyland Annual Passholders who visit at least once a week (mommy works it into the homeschool curriculum)
~Jeff commutes to work in LA by train every morning
~Ian turned 7 years old (!)
~Poppy Gove (Jeff's dad) had back surgery, but is now on the road to recovery
~mommy and kiddos traveled back to WA to visit last week
~and, lastly...sadly... Twinkle the fish went to the great fishbowl in the sky yesterday (as she was approaching 5 years old...we weren't really shocked at her passing, but it was still hard on our animal loving Gabby)

I will write more about each of the above listed events (some posts have even been started!) ~ but for now...I am going to go find some frosting...yes, still thinking about that frosting...

oh! and the photo is one Ian snapped on the road trip--(unedited)--I think we have a budding photographer :)

seriously, folks. some of you have been asking for a new post for a while--do you see now why I have been avoiding? has there ever been a more random post than this? *sigh* thanks for loving me anyway.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye WA!

It has been a VERY long 6 months.

But, today, the kiddos and I (and assorted animals) head out to join daddy in CA.

The relief of finally being together again, rather than just having daddy visit on the weekends, is great.

The sadness of leaving behind a place that has been home for over 10 years is great.

The knowledge that God has this all in His hands and 1,000 miles is quite drivable and VERY 'flyable' is AWESOME!

Know that our door is always open--and we have a really nice guest room! :)

Love you all--see you soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

we got to celebrate Mom's birthday early, while she was visiting us last week. These gorgeous cupcakes are from the Fred Meyer bakery ~ aren't they amazing?! and they were super yummy, too! So glad you were able to be with us, Mom! Hope your day today (first day on a new job, of all things!!) is wonderful :)

here she is about to set out on another travel nurse adventure, and in her backseat we find...

we love you!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, How I Will Miss...

Of course, friends and family still in the Northwest top this list (Shell, you are at the TOP top!) ;)

but there are moments like this that have been such a part of my life for the last 10 years that...well, words just cannot describe at this moment. (I was just a few feet away from this bambi in my yard)

thank you, momma deer, for having twins this year and blessing us with 2 darlings to watch this summer. I do hope the next owners of our house enjoy you and your fawns as much as we have.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Movin' On Out

no, we are not loading them ;) tempting...but, no.

today IS the big load day, though, so we will be living out of a VERY empty house for the next 2 days for Jeff and 4 days for the rest of us. (he flies out Monday morning and we drive out on Wednesday morning--yes, I am driving it solo with 3 kiddos, 3 cats, a dog and a fish ~ please tell me I have your sympathy and prayers!!!) 

so, this is a final blog post from me before I am officially a California blogger :)

(although I do have a couple of 'pre-programmed' ones that will come out in the next several days)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meteor Shower!

The title comes with an exclamation point because I am still super excited at the thought of a meteor shower on a clear night with just a sliver of a moon (keeps it nice and dark).

HOWEVER...our star watching party turned out very different from what was planned. ~ I am learning that plans are made just to keep me sane and excited for something, but they are not what is actually going to happen (I know, many of you figure this out much earlier on, but I am slow on the uptake with this concept, and just now learning to not anger at change) ~ so! while not a lengthy campout under the was a fun evening topped off with a few 'shooting star' viewings.

My Plan:  (Revised) tarp check
2.make snacks check
3.gather blankets/sleeping bags check
4.flashlight check on for kiddos at 10pm (keep them awake!) check (half of item accomplished, see #7 below)
6.pick up daddy at airport at midnight
6.pick up daddy at 12:15 (flight delayed)
6.pick up daddy at 1:15 (flight REALLY delayed) check
7.wake up 3 children
7. put youngest child to bed check
8. wake up 2 children check
9.spread out tarp in backyard check
10. cuddle in blankets check
11. watch meteor shower for hours while eating yummy snacks
11. try to get children to keep eyes open to see even one meteor check
12. put children to bed 5 minutes later, not sure if they even comprehended any of it check
13. while blogging about it all, realize that this is the stuff of great memories anyway :) check

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight!

oh no! it's my second post in a row without a photo :(

~ it's not REALLY the post I am working on...what I am actually working on is the fun evening we have planned tonight watching a meteor shower!

BUT! Since I will be posting that one after the event is past ~ I wanted to make sure any of you that happen by here today (and haven't heard elsewhere) there is a very cool BIG meteor event this evening and on into the early hours of the morning.

we are having a family campout --whoo hoo! praying for  CLEAR SKIES!!!! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

just for the time and date, I had to post!

The time is now 10:09:08 on 8/09/10  and that makes me smile :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yes, dad, it is a box

Today, while talking to my friend, she mentioned that I did not have enough posts on here about the move. She also demanded a photo of me in a box.
This is for you, Meredith :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

perfect pool days

a couple of the smiles that just melt my heart :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Turkey Day

am I getting ahead of myself? or am I just waaaaay behind ;) ?!


it was actually just 'cook a turkey day' for me today.

i had purchased an extra turkey last Thanksgiving, but never got around to cooking it.

decided turkey probably wasn't going to make the move with needed to be cooked!

i have never actually cooked a turkey before today ~ my wonderful hubby handles all the holiday cooking around here :) *sigh* yes, i know how blessed i am :)

so, he dressed the turkey for me last night before he headed back down to LA and this morning, I put the hulking beast of a bird in my oven!

and, oh my! it turned out lovely..if I do say so myself ;)

I did not take a photo of the carving, as that was also a first for me and not particularly a pretty sight. did I mention that i am now (after carving the turkey) a vegetarian again? lol  ok, not really, but it was pretty bad and i have not actually eaten any of it yet, due to the trauma of cutting it up :p 

no, i would not survive in the wild. unless there were many, many berries... and no bears to wrestle them away from.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apple Nachos



Let's Make it Again!
be prepared for what you will hear, when you serve these for snacks ;)

the chef and her 'nachos'

To Make: cut 2 apples (we used Granny Smith) in rings , melt 2 T. peanut butter and drizzle over apple slices, top with coconut if desired, could also use yogurt as your 'sour cream' :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's really happening

I am shipping them out!

hee hee. not really ;)

just beginning to pack for the move
(thought I'd start with the valuables)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

heartache and hope

Cancer has been a very present subject in our house this year.  In December, when a friend's 4 year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, I began praying intentionally with Gabby, Ian and Evie for her to be healed. Evie was in her Sunday School class at church, and we were driving her brother once a week to an appointment, so I knew they would be asking questions, and decided that confronting the subject head-on was best.

We celebrate with the family (via their web updates) everytime they pass a new hurdle. It is a long battle they have ahead of them --20 more months at this point, but she is doing good right now.

Through their website I was reintroduced to a young man (only a few weeks older than Gabby) that I had heard of back in the summer of 2007 when I did Relay for the Cure. His team was the largest and best decorated on the track. His name was Luke, and his cancer came back for the third time in March.

We added his name to our prayers. But his battle ended in May and I tried my best to honor his life and his family's legacy of faith by explaining to my children how he had gone home to be with Jesus.  Two months later, my 4 year-old still sometimes says 'Luke' when she is praying for people needing healing, then she stops, pauses, and says 'oops, no, not Luke. He is all better now.' It makes me smile on the outside, but still feels like a kick to the gut inside.

Another name that just left our 'needing healing' list is Miss Rose. She is the mother of Shell's best friend, Maria. Rose is also Shell's boss at work.

She battled breast cancer a couple of years ago, but the cancer came back.

These past few weeks, she has been getting weaker, and concern had been growing, but because she was such a strong person, she carried so much at home and at work all the time, it was unfathomable to those around her to imagine her not recovering.

Early this morning Shell, who has been staying at Rose's house to be a support to Maria, texted that Rose had passed.

The words of a song keep going through my head... "no more sorrow, no more pain. I will rise, on eagle's wings, before my God, fall on my knees..."

Because we do serve a God who is greater than cancer. Because He knows our days before we live them and walks beside us in everything. Because He loves us. Regardless of what we believe, what we do, what we say.

I am angry right now. and sad. But I have faith that God knows what He is doing. I don't want Rose to be gone. I don't want her two beautiful daughters to have to miss their mother. I don't want my beautiful daughter to hurt.

And, so, I do what I am training my children to do. I pray. I give this to the One who set it all in motion. The only One who can handle all the hurts of this world. The One who loves us through our darkest moments. The One who has a plan, who is shaping and molding his children.

And, as I sit here at my computer, trying to put all of this into words, feeling lonely and wondering who I can call at this hour... my phone rings. The name on the display is a friend who lives near St. Louis--it is not that early for her (!)--and as I answer, I realize it is a 'butt-dial'...her children are talking in the background, I can hear her, very muffled...I smile and hang up. Thank you, for the reminder of how not alone we are :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Opening, Another Show...

This time, Noel Coward's "Present Laughter"!

If you are in the area ~ please come see this hilarious play. Opens tonight at The Magenta Theater.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In-and-Out Burger's Secret Menu

Over a month?! It has been over a month since I last blogged?! How did that happen again?? soooo sorry.  for anyone still checking in.

and what is it that brings me back to bloggyland? not the PILES of unfinished blogs about family life...nope! rather an article that clearly defines the SUPER SECRET (until, of course, it was published?!) menu of my favorite burger joint.

The following is an excerpt:


* Veggie Burger: A hamburger with extra tomatoes instead of meat

* Extra Toast: This order toasts your bun a little bit more than usual making it extra crispy

* Protein style: Protein style removes the bun and wraps your burger in lettuce like a burrito.

* Grilled Cheese: A bun, tomatoes and onions, if you want them, grilled with melted cheese.

* Flying Dutchman: For the ultimate meat eater. No bun, no veggies, just two beef patties and two slices of cheese.

* Double meat burger: a double double without the cheese.

* Animal style: makes any burger come with extra pickles, extra sauce, grilled onions, and a mustard cooked patty.

* 3 by Meat: three beef patties and no cheese.

* 2 by 4: a double double with two extra slices of cheese. Not for the weak hearted.

* Chopped Chilies: This adds diced jalapenos to any burger

* Mustard grilled patty: ask for this and they will spread your patty with mustard before grilling it.

* No Salt: you wouldn’t think that this would apply to a burger but it does. In-N-Out patties are heavily salted, ask for no salt and you will get a much healthier and fresher tasting patty.


* Fries animal style: an order of French fries drenched in cheese, grilled onions, and special sauce (a thicker thousand island dressing)

* Fries Light: French fries taken out of the fryer a little early. These are a little bit raw on the inside and less crispy.

* Fries Well-Done: The opposite of fries light. This order leaves your fries on the fryer extra long, making them really crispy and oily.

* Cheese Fries: Fries with melted cheese on top


* Neapolitan shake: All the milkshake flavors swirled together, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

* Root Beer Float: Half vanilla milkshake and half root beer soda.

* Choco-Vanilla Swirl: A chocolate milkshake swirled in with a vanilla milkshake

* Lemon-up: Lemonade and seven up mixed together.

* Large and extra large shakes: if you ask for a large shake they’ll give you a shake in a medium sized soda cup and extra large in a large soda cup.

* Tea-Ade: An Arnold Palmer. Half iced tea and half lemonade.
You can read the entire article here.
Soooo, have you ever been to In-And-Out?
Did you know there was a secret menu?
my hubby has been ordering his burgers 'animal style' for years ~ but I only just began ordering my fries that way (i know, i know--but I don't live there yet--obviously will not be able to do that all the time once I'm down there!!!) this last summer. of course, now that I know about ALL of these fun SECRET options--I am excited to try them out!!! some of them, that is. the '3 by meat' sounds truly repulsive :p

Friday, May 7, 2010

Luke's story

we have been praying for Luke for the past 2 months. so many prayers.

and now, so many tears.

his was a beautiful, short life that touched so many.

if you have not yet read about Luke, please take a moment to ~ you will be blessed.

columbian newspaper article

caring bridge site

thank you, Luke, you and your family's love and faith in God is powerful and far reaching.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, Where is My Mailbox?

just another reason why you should never leave your house in your pajamas

to drop off your child at class.
even when you are certain that you will not have to leave your vehicle,

because there is no way that there will have been a school bus that crashed into your mailbox**

 and the accident will certainly not be being investigated at the end of your drive,

with not only the school bus driver, and the two other cars involved,

but also the police officer

who would like you to identify and retrieve your mailbox and contents that are spewed all over the ditch.


nothing like that could happen.

causing you to seriously regret your decision to leave the house in only jammies and slippers.

oh, and a headband.

forget clean underwear, it would have been nice to be wearing ANY underwear.

tmi(too much information), i know.

but it is important to me that this experience not be wasted.
please, learn from my mistake. please.

*at the beginning of the post I wrote this was 'just another reason...' because I know you all have experienced something like this, right? I need to feel better right now, so please share your 'reason'/experience with me. let's commiserate together,when did you leave the house under dressed and regretted it?  :)*

** I should also assure you all that no one was injured in the crash. from the looks of it, there were no school kiddos on the bus at the time of the crash. and the other drivers in the other cars were fine and probably snickering at my slippers**

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day

As a child, my brother and I used to make paper 'buckets', fill them with flowers from our yard, hang them on neighbors front doors, ring their doorbells and RUN!

This was our version of May Day. and I LOVED it. :)

Every year, I remember, with fondness, our May Day flower fun.

This year, I taught my children about the tradition (I actually researched it a bit, but there isn't much history behind the tradition, other than that it has been done on the 1st of May for years. The whys of the tradition are not super clear.)

I did not tell them about the ringing the doorbell bit ~ but we (Gabby and I --the other two young ones are simply NOT the type you wake up early if you want to enjoy the rest of your day) did place the baskets sneakily in the early morning, so as to have the gifts be anonymous surprises :)

(except for Gramma's basket--she knew right away who they were from--after all, she is the one who taught me!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

so, I read a blog of a friend who does a 'wordless wednesday' each week, and it was my intention to post one of those today, but then I found this photo. I actually found a number of photos that would work for this title, but decided to go with this one. who knows? maybe this will be a feature every week...

and, yes, I will explain.

they are mannequin legs. I am 8 months pregnant with Ian. I have actually been a blond as many years of my life as I have been a brunette. (but I am not proud of that fact. why did I ever think this color went with my skin tone?!)

I hope you enjoy many wacky moments of silliness in your life :) with so much seriousness right now in my life and the lives of so many I know, it is nice to giggle over these memories.

Thank you, Lord, for these moments.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shut Down

That's how I tend to think of myself right now.

That's how I usually deal with tough stuff.

I just shut down.

You may not notice. Especially if I only ever see you in a situation where I have a task to do. Those are the easiest situations to deal with right now. Get in, do the task, get out.

It's the alone time... The free time... The down time...that is the hardest to get through right now.

So, what exactly is it that is so hard in my life right now? nothing. not really.

it's just ... *cringe*... change.

i don't know of anyone who absolutely LOVES change. who thrives on not knowing what is around the corner (or at least has a pretense of knowing what is around the corner ~ for, when it comes right down to it, we never know do we?).

and it's not to say that I don't enjoy spontaneity. I do! a spur of the moment trip to the beach, a last minute dash to the super market to grab the makings for a fondue dinner, even a trip to Walt Disney World with less than 3 weeks to plan, prepare and go ;) 

but I definitely do not like this limbo I am in right now.

we are moving. not across town. not even across the state. we are moving back to Southern California.

who? hubby, myself and the three younger kiddos. Shell has decided to stay up here and continue on with community college. She will be moving in with her best friend, Maria and her family in the summer.

when? probably this summer

why? my hubby has been working down there for a couple of months now. he had an amazing job offer come his way, accepted it, and now 'commutes' there during the week ~ flying home to be with us on the weekends.

what's the hold up in the moving? have to sell our current house. big debt (upside down) + bad market = short sale :(  so hopefully it will sell quickly.

where exactly will we be living down there? in laws' garage. LOL! kidding. but truly don't know :)  and, oh my, for a stay-at-home, homeschooling momma, that is a tough thing to not know, you know?!

how are my days going right now? for the most part, fine. most moments are exactly like they have been for the past 10 years we have been living in the Pacific Northwest : get up, get ready, get kiddos ready, clean, eat, clean, play, clean, eat, clean, shop, clean, play, clean, eat, clean, read, clean, watch tv, clean, go to bed. (ok, so I probably clean a bit more right now, since it is on the market and being shown!)

however, there are some days that I just don't want to get out of bed. and every one of those days, much as I try to give up and shut down completely, I am propelled along to the next day.

EXAMPLE: one such day, it was well past 9am and I was still tucked, having directed Gab to assist Ian and Evie with breakfast and turning cartoons on (oh, how I love homeschooling hee hee) ...when the phone rang. noticing it was a 714 (Orange County, CA) area code, I answered it. Sitting up, of course, and clearing my throat right before, so that caller would have NO idea that I was still in bed. Caller was my dear friend, M, who I worked with at Disney over 10 years ago, and who was just checking in on me. God's gift to me that morning.

and that, I suppose, is really the point of this post. to point out just how blessed I am. funny how it takes such a round-a-bout rambling to get back to that, huh? did you see it coming? I sure didn't. much as I may drag my heels and resist, God's Goodness and Blessings are so prevalent around me, I cannot do anything less than press onward. and I cannot help but want to do more. I fall so ridiculously short of what I desire to do for Him each day. and yet, just by giving Him praise in my inadequacies, He is glorified :)

do I want to move? no. but am I excited for what is ahead? always.

please note:  I have read, re-read, done and un-done so much of this post over the past 6 weeks that I am now just posting it. very unlike me. I have MANY posts saved in drafts that will never make the cut. but I feel it is important to get this out there and at least give you all a glimpse at what is happening here. sorry to have been so silent so long!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was able to take Shell, Gab, and Ian to see the Broadway show 'CATS' this past Sunday.
 The show holds a special space in my heart, because it was the first Broadway show I ever saw. It was my big 16th birthday present and my mom took me to see it:)
Mom was actually supposed to be at this performance with us, as well, but work has taken her down the coast for a bit to Monteray, CA.
We missed having gramma there, but it was amazing being able to share it with almost all of my kiddos ~ Evie and I will have to catch it when she is a bit older :)

Shell scores an autograph from 'Rum Tum Tugger' ;)

asleep by the time we arrived home...
and it was even a matinee' !!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

yes. I'm still here.

just in case that was the question. :)

so....what have we been up to? eh, not much. a lot.

and the great thing has been that I have been doing stuff and not just sitting at my computer. of course, being too tired/busy to then sit and blog about said stuff is not as entertaining to you in bloggy land (nor to me!--yes, I read my blog;) hee hee).

now the ever elusive questions--do I attempt to catch up all in one post? several large posts over the next few days? go back and catch up chronologically (this one I tend to favor because many of the past couple months events are actually begun as blog drafts...just not completed yet)?

oooh. how 'bout I mix it up a bit and do a bit of each? I'll finish the blogs I've got saved in draft...and then throw the rest into a big compilation or two!!

but not today.
today the sun is shining again ~ and since my days as a Pacific Northwesterner are coming to an end...(*cue dramatic music*dun, dun, dun...there's some of that 'stuff' that's been happening--a bit of a preview/teaser!)..I think I'll go enjoy this golden afternoon out of doors. (with the cat, of course.) :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

(costume) Designing Woman

Designing the costumes for a local production of Pride and Prejudice has given me new appreciation for fabric, seamstresses and historians.

Anxiety dreams have filled my head the last few nights, and auditions are still 2 days away. It is this waiting that is driving me crazy. I have had the designs done (for the most part) since last month, but until the roles are cast, it is not possible to begin the measuring, sewing and altering.

I have never undertaken anything this large in the costuming world before. The last show I designed for required creativity (one character had to look like he was a Macy's Day Parade balloon, complete with miniature figures dangling from his arms and legs to anchor him), and the show before that had much Goodwill hunting (ha!), to find '80's acid washed denim and hideous jumpers.

Nothing like this. This has upwards of 30 characters. It is set in early 19th century. In England. with soldiers. British soldiers during the Napoleonic period. do you have any idea how complicated their uniforms were? not exactly something that can be modified from something you find at Goodwill.

Fortunately! 1. I have an amazing team of extremely talented seamstresses. (soooo important (sew important?), because beyond the occasional Halloween costume...I do not sew!) and 2. I have a mom who loves fabric and fabric stores and knows so much more about it all than I do and is willing to go with me as often as I need, to get the best bargains ...even if it means being at the fabric shop 4 days in a row over President's Weekend! and MOST important3.  I am not costuming for this...

I  can't even begin to imagine.