Friday, December 23, 2011

The Good I've Found (TGIF): sunshine

Two days before Christmas and all through the windows
Came streaking and shining with jubilant fun
These bright rays of light, shimmering and dancing
Proclaiming that summer's not the only season for sun.

alright, so it's a bit rough...but you get the idea.

Maybe it is just because I've only lived back in sunny, SoCal for a year and a half, after being away in rainy Washington for almost 11 years...


Or maybe it is that scientifically proven fact that sunshine makes you happy.  ---or something like that, Vitamin D and all... (no, I'm not a scientist...but those who have the special lamps in their houses or go for light therapy treatments can back me up on this one, right?!)

hey! that one song by that one guy proclaims the fact..."...sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...) 

No matter the reason, the fact is... I don't miss the snow this year. Nope. Not one bit. ok, that's extreme --I do miss the beauty of it.  But you know what? Fake snow is really beautiful, too ;) And my favorite place has lots of fun, fake snow.

my Evie in her winter wear :)

I know, I know. It's not the same. You are right. It is not cold. It is not damp. It is not messy. Yeah. I think I can deal with that.

My TGIF for this week is that I am, unashamedly, in love with this Southern Californian Christmas.

May your Christmas be as wonderful, wherever, however and with whomever you celebrate it !

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Good I've Found (TGIF) : friends

I learned a song in girl scouts about friendship...without being able to sing it to you (I know you would all just love that!) here are the lyrics, at least:

make new friends
but keep the old
one is silver 
and the other gold.

It was sung as a round (you remember those, right?) So as the first group got to the end of the 2nd verse, the next group started at the beginning, Which resulted in us proving that the clever writers of the song had created two equal parts (wow), and made for mixed up singers in a really loud, confusing mess. sigh. good times.

Good times with friends, in fact! And yes, I do consider those girls my friends. Even though I don't have any idea where most of them are, or have been for the past 25 or so years! (through the amazingness that is connected technology and social media I am happy to say that I do stay in relative contact with at least 2 of them, though...seriously cool!)

and speaking of social media ~ the very word FRIEND has become a much used verb in that context. To FRIEND someone.

so...let's vote.  are they actually your friend, if they bear that title on your computer? (check yes, no or maybe and send back to me immediately!!!) They are in my book. If you are a part of my list, on Facebook, on my phone, in my are my friend. For Real.  I want to get to know you better. I desire to see your photos, share in your life, read about your dreams...ok, except for those VERY few exceptions that use rather explicit language to describe your photos, life and I hide and look at only when I can stomach it--my goodness some of you have potty mouths! (and I'm no saint!! lol)

I miss my friends that I have moved away from recently...sometimes I even miss my friends that I moved away from in 7th grade! I am excited to welcome new friends to my life through a new neighborhood, school and small group at church this year.

I love that I am finally feeling like I am friends with my parents. Not that they weren't friendly or there was anything bad before, but with age comes a new type of relationship...and I am so glad ours is friendship.

I don't have much to tie this all together. Just a musing this Friday about TGIF being the many, many friends in my life. May I be ever mindful of how blessed I am by you.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Good I've Found (TGIF): Literally...Stuff I found...

Ok, so I've been having MASSIVE issues with my photos on my computer.

No, I'll rephrase by saying I've been having MASSIVE issues with my computer. period.

That being said, my tech guy is amazing. He's just tired of having to deal with tech issues all day long and then come home to them as well. And between the 5 of us waiting for him at home...there is usually at least 5 computer questions/issues for him. Poor tech guy. We love you :)

ANYWAY...I have blamed cursed put off posting for a couple weeks now due to said issues...but enough is enough! There are GOOD THINGS that need to be posted!!! (and should I regain ability to add photos, I certainly will!)

You ready? Cause this is a REALLY COOL STORY:

Yesterday, the kiddos and I left the house around noon for an ortho appt. When we returned, an hour and a half later, I noticed our 'yard debris' container (it was trash day, so they were on the curb) was stuffed to overflowing with broken wood pieces--furniture and old frames--stuff that we definitely had not put in there and that had not been there before we left the house.  I was a tad upset, thinking that it might not get hauled off--not to mention that someone had put it in our can without asking!--so I decided to try to transfer as much as I could over to the regular trash can. I accidentally lifter the 'recycling' can lid though and WOW, am I ever glad I did! Someone (presumably the same broken furniture off loading folks) had carefully deposited a large an enormous glass tank/aquarium inside. AND...that tank was full of another tank...AND...THAT tank was full of another...and another...and so on...and so on...

seriously, we now own 6 tanks. 3 glass and 3 plastic. Plus 6 heat lamps, bulb refills, sunning rocks and other accessories.

and it is all in great condition.

Ian has been asking for a turtle. I think God just said yes.  ;)

Moral of the story: If you have any really cool stuff you've been wanting to get rid of, please come dump it in one of my trash bins...on Thursdays...I guarantee I will never not check them again because of TGIF this week! :)