Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Disney Life more and more days find us at "happyland"...well, it gets me thinking...perhaps I should have another blog...a blog specifically for our Disney life...a blog titled... ?!?!  perhaps ~ Our Disney Life?

or....? any other suggestions?

I don't love the idea of starting another blog, and yet, I find that what I most want to post is about our days in Disneyland. ~ then, those who want to follow all that crazy fun can--and those who don't...well, they can stay here :)

and~ speaking of all things Disney--check out those amazing caramel apples! (and the amazing price tag to go along with them!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my birthday fun

 Keira and mommy (Tricia)  (my sis in law and niece) paint pumpkins
 Brennan (nephew), Evie and Ian paint their pumpkins

Special Breakfast (made by my kiddos!), Pumpkin Carving (and scooping antics by daddy!), New Camera (that's it hiding up there on the fridge--couldn't use it because it was straight out of the box--needed charging!thank you, love, for an awesome and unexpected gift!), and Yummy Food( check out those fun rice crispy treats) ~ it was a lovely, surrounded by family, birthday.

note:  There would be MANY more photos of family ~ if they all hadn't been such stinkers about having their photo taken! I see I shall have to train these ones: I love taking photos and you must learn to pose for me!!! :)   So, even though they are not pictured here ~ mom and dad gove, greg and julie (brother and sister in law), AJ (nephew), Julianna (niece), and GABBY!! (how did she get by me?!)  were also all at the pumpkin carving/birthday party.

the only thing that would have made it better: the REST of my family here and all of my Northwest friends--sooo missing you all!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

National Chocolate Cupcake Day?!

That sounds like reason for a new post!

Not like there is anything else going on in our lives...

Actually, I've never been a big fan of chocolate cake ~ but if you are, maybe we can work out a deal, you see, I LOVE frosting. and sometimes it can be awkward just asking for a slice of frosting. or (in today's cupcake day mode) just licking the frosting off the top.

not considered polite.

In other news...
~we are now living in southern CA
~we are Disneyland Annual Passholders who visit at least once a week (mommy works it into the homeschool curriculum)
~Jeff commutes to work in LA by train every morning
~Ian turned 7 years old (!)
~Poppy Gove (Jeff's dad) had back surgery, but is now on the road to recovery
~mommy and kiddos traveled back to WA to visit last week
~and, lastly...sadly... Twinkle the fish went to the great fishbowl in the sky yesterday (as she was approaching 5 years old...we weren't really shocked at her passing, but it was still hard on our animal loving Gabby)

I will write more about each of the above listed events (some posts have even been started!) ~ but for now...I am going to go find some frosting...yes, still thinking about that frosting...

oh! and the photo is one Ian snapped on the road trip--(unedited)--I think we have a budding photographer :)

seriously, folks. some of you have been asking for a new post for a while--do you see now why I have been avoiding? has there ever been a more random post than this? *sigh* thanks for loving me anyway.