Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye WA!

It has been a VERY long 6 months.

But, today, the kiddos and I (and assorted animals) head out to join daddy in CA.

The relief of finally being together again, rather than just having daddy visit on the weekends, is great.

The sadness of leaving behind a place that has been home for over 10 years is great.

The knowledge that God has this all in His hands and 1,000 miles is quite drivable and VERY 'flyable' is AWESOME!

Know that our door is always open--and we have a really nice guest room! :)

Love you all--see you soon.


StefRobrts said...

Miss you! Enjoy your new home, I hear it's always summer :)

Daniel said...

What kind of beach is that, anyway? Where are all the people?

Eryn said...

You will SO be missed!

Dee said...

Miss you! picture please!

dotoner said...

sniff, sniff - still makes me sad . . .