Wednesday, November 10, 2010


seriously. don't mess with me. or my girl.

Because of our move from acreage to cul-de-sac living he has transitioned from outdoor, hunting cat to indoor pussy ~and this cat now has a serious attitude problem with everyone except Gabby.

He knows she is the one who picked him and she has hauled him around since she was three years old, so he is fiercely protective of her. They sleep together every night, and in the morning, this is the kind of unwelcome looks I am greeted with. ( from him, not her--she's a lovey!)

Sometimes he is as sweet as can be to me, allowing me to pet him, even purring --but most times he only tolerates me ...then he bites me. hard.

I miss the free-roaming, outdoor Peri --and we have actually attempted to let him go outside here (got him a collar and ID tag) but he is very afraid and does not like it even for a moment
--but, despite his new nasty temperament, I would miss him even more if he were gone.

Here's to you ~ Mr. Periwinkle ~ I love you anyway ;)


karin said...

That is definitely a look! But I'm sure it is no real reflection on how he feels for you.

annaliese said...

lol! no, of course not, Karin! ;)

This post was actually a request of Gabby's -- she really wanted to see these photos on here :)

rebanerck said...

My kids want to move in with you. Maybe you would let them have a cat and keep a cat... :-)