Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Memories...musical theater

Me, singing in a show in college. it was an original that our class (Children's Theater, maybe?) wrote to perform at local elementary schools called 'Growing Ups and Downs'.
(sorry about the quality of the photo ~ scanned.)

I love Musicals. Just last week, a friend and I went to see the Broadway touring show of RENT. (I'm going to have to go with Seth Rudetsky on this one and say that it was 'amawwww-zing!') Saw WICKED this past spring, Phantom last summer, Avenue Q and Spam-a-Lot the spring before... as well as a few amateur productions locally, including Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Sound of Music, and of course, the very famous Once Upon a Palace Purple...oh wait, I didn't exactly SEE that one...I was in it.

which really brings me to the point of this Monday Memory post. I do so love seeing them. it is the performing in them that I have never been too keen on. not that I don't LOVE them...I do! and not that I wouldn't love to do more--I would! it's the confidence in the singing I lack.

so, I'm going to do something that I should have done long ago. I'm going to take singing lessons. YIKES!! this is a very new decision, and one I am quite excited about ~ but also feeling very vulnerable about it. crazy, huh? I love the stage, love it only makes sense that I should sharpen this part of my craft...that's one of my favorite things about acting : you can never be 'done' learning how to improve your performance. there is always something more ~ because it is life that you are representing...and, goodness knows, that never stops changing.

and this... well this is my friend, Dana, who went to see RENT with me. she does musicals, too. and I put this here because I love her. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Canning ~ Strawberry Jam and Syrup!

I remember, as a child, helping my mom can peaches one year (or maybe two...) and also doing applesauce a few times, but I had never attempted it myself as an adult.
Today, though, my friend, Amanda (we shall call her 'expert-canner-extraordinaire' for simplicity's sake) came over for 5 hours and we CANNED!!!
We each came away with 18 jars of strawberry (and a strawberry/raspberry mix) jam and 6 jars of strawberry syrup ~ YUM!
Gab and I canning

it's a-cookin'!
Gabby chopping the strawberries into jam-size pieces
Cindy napping strategically in the center of the kitchen. such a help.
This canning thing is seriously addicting. I am so looking forward to blackberry season...and apples...also going to try doing some salsa ~ there's no stopping me now! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleepover at our House

Gabby has been wanting to have a friend spend the night for some time now. And last night, mommy finally said yes. As a bonus, Ian also got to have his friend stay as well (it is always nice to have friends with similarly matched siblings!) It was a fun-filled, late--LATE night and we all had a great time :)
Justin and Ian munch on snacks and enjoy a late night movie

Gabby and Hannah (and Bella) dress up

and Evie finds her own way to occupy the time
it won't be long before she will also be asking for a friend to stay...
oh my, that will be a full-house!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

it's 'catch-up' time... dad's visit, great wolf, easter, mother's day, steel magnolias, prom

WARNING: this post is filled with many photos and not much cleverness. it is a necessary post, and I am relieved to finally get it posted... if you have been waiting for family updates ~ this is for you! if you have been waiting for the more entertaining antics of my life...well, maybe posting this now will free up that part of my brain that has been frozen for a bit ;)

Dad's visit
My father visited from Arizona for 10 days in February.

hanging with the grandkids
riding the bumper cars with Ian at Seaside
doing their best Clint Eastwood impersonations
one of the many walks they took with grandpa, they so loved having him here ~ and we all agreed that next time everyone needed to come along with him!!

Great Wolf Lodge

me~getting drenched!

our dessert~ a 'campfire' ice cream treat

evie's favorite play area


preparing for the annual Easter morning treasure hunt
Ian finds another clue...

and so does Shell!
dyeing the eggs

egg hunt at our church with friend, Justin

Mother's Day

kiddos made special pictures for me,
and their daddy designed a Tom Petty poster for me that advertised a special show ~ just for me! :) (they got me the Tom Petty collection DVD ~ me likey!)

brunch at Gustav's ~ soooo yummy!
thank you, family, you are the best :)
Steel Magnolias
I got a chance to do this fun show recently.
I played the role of Annelle.


onstage during rehearsal
(hee hee hee ~ not doing what I supposed to be doing)

photo from the show ~ Christmas scene

the Magnolias gather before the show
(I am top, center)
Shell attended prom one more time, because her boyfriend was a Senior this year.

Shell and Nick

whew! any of you that made it this far...thank you :)