Monday, July 26, 2010

Turkey Day

am I getting ahead of myself? or am I just waaaaay behind ;) ?!


it was actually just 'cook a turkey day' for me today.

i had purchased an extra turkey last Thanksgiving, but never got around to cooking it.

decided turkey probably wasn't going to make the move with needed to be cooked!

i have never actually cooked a turkey before today ~ my wonderful hubby handles all the holiday cooking around here :) *sigh* yes, i know how blessed i am :)

so, he dressed the turkey for me last night before he headed back down to LA and this morning, I put the hulking beast of a bird in my oven!

and, oh my! it turned out lovely..if I do say so myself ;)

I did not take a photo of the carving, as that was also a first for me and not particularly a pretty sight. did I mention that i am now (after carving the turkey) a vegetarian again? lol  ok, not really, but it was pretty bad and i have not actually eaten any of it yet, due to the trauma of cutting it up :p 

no, i would not survive in the wild. unless there were many, many berries... and no bears to wrestle them away from.


Daniel said...

...what if they're goose berries? Then you're right back where you started... Never had one myself ... I hear they taste like chicken...

Amy said...

Oh, Annaliese! How I love thee! :) I swear I will never cut apart anything that even somewhat resembles an animal in its original form. Ew. (This is why I have a husband!)

StefRobrts said...

Oh, you make me LOL! That looks like a beautiful job you did cooking that bird :)