Friday, May 7, 2010

Luke's story

we have been praying for Luke for the past 2 months. so many prayers.

and now, so many tears.

his was a beautiful, short life that touched so many.

if you have not yet read about Luke, please take a moment to ~ you will be blessed.

columbian newspaper article

caring bridge site

thank you, Luke, you and your family's love and faith in God is powerful and far reaching.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, Where is My Mailbox?

just another reason why you should never leave your house in your pajamas

to drop off your child at class.
even when you are certain that you will not have to leave your vehicle,

because there is no way that there will have been a school bus that crashed into your mailbox**

 and the accident will certainly not be being investigated at the end of your drive,

with not only the school bus driver, and the two other cars involved,

but also the police officer

who would like you to identify and retrieve your mailbox and contents that are spewed all over the ditch.


nothing like that could happen.

causing you to seriously regret your decision to leave the house in only jammies and slippers.

oh, and a headband.

forget clean underwear, it would have been nice to be wearing ANY underwear.

tmi(too much information), i know.

but it is important to me that this experience not be wasted.
please, learn from my mistake. please.

*at the beginning of the post I wrote this was 'just another reason...' because I know you all have experienced something like this, right? I need to feel better right now, so please share your 'reason'/experience with me. let's commiserate together,when did you leave the house under dressed and regretted it?  :)*

** I should also assure you all that no one was injured in the crash. from the looks of it, there were no school kiddos on the bus at the time of the crash. and the other drivers in the other cars were fine and probably snickering at my slippers**

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day

As a child, my brother and I used to make paper 'buckets', fill them with flowers from our yard, hang them on neighbors front doors, ring their doorbells and RUN!

This was our version of May Day. and I LOVED it. :)

Every year, I remember, with fondness, our May Day flower fun.

This year, I taught my children about the tradition (I actually researched it a bit, but there isn't much history behind the tradition, other than that it has been done on the 1st of May for years. The whys of the tradition are not super clear.)

I did not tell them about the ringing the doorbell bit ~ but we (Gabby and I --the other two young ones are simply NOT the type you wake up early if you want to enjoy the rest of your day) did place the baskets sneakily in the early morning, so as to have the gifts be anonymous surprises :)

(except for Gramma's basket--she knew right away who they were from--after all, she is the one who taught me!)