Friday, October 31, 2008

A Hot Halloween

At least for one year, the kiddos did not have to worry about bundling up, either under or over their costumes.

This year, we are in Southern California for a family wedding and mini vacation over Trick-or-Treat Day.

About 4 houses down from Grammie and Poppy's house, Ian insisted we go back for water because he was so hot! and he absolutely would not wear his Spidey mask (not that I blame him...I wouldn't want that covering my face even if it wasn't so warm!) Gabby was able to wear her fairy outfit minus the cape that usually accompanies her princess/fairy costumes (like her mommy, she likes to dress up 'pretty'). Evie had the most layers on as Mulan, but didn't complain--of course, she scored a lift from mommy pretty much the whole way.

I'm such a sucker for a cute, sticky child in costume.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Final Curtain

Saying goodbye to a show is never easy.

I find that I tend to 'watch' the final show in slow motion. I enter the stage and think, "well, that's the last time I get to make that entrance," or after a favorite line I will think, "and that's the last time I get to say that on stage."

The opportunity to portray a character on the stage, to be given the privilege of bringing that part to life is always an honor. And this part, this show, especially, was a joy.

I am missing it terribly already and we have been dark for only 4 hours.

Friday, October 24, 2008

while mommy's away...

I consider myself very blessed to have a husband willing to put up with my rehearsal and performance schedules, while not only caring for the kiddos, but also taking on more of the household chores that I am unable to (or too tired to) get to during the day.

I often wonder what goes on in those evenings at home...especially during 'hell' week (the week leading up to opening performance) when I am at the theater from 5-10pm every night.

Well, I no longer have to wonder.
yes, that is underwear on their heads. yes, Evie has tattooed herself between the eyes with marker (as did Ian all over his legs!).

brave daddy. both for allowing me to escape and for showing me the evidence of what transpires in my absence.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Have Some Cake!

For my birthday post today (yes, completely intentional solicitation of birthday wishes...) I am giving YOU cake.

No, not cake you can eat, silly. THAT would be a neat trick.

This is blog-cake. or rather blogged-about cake...anyway--if you have never visited the Cake Wrecks site, well, get yourself over there via this handy link --right now!

You'll be glad you did.

Be sure to spend some time many treasures to see! like this one...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My #1 Fear

death ?

heights ?

spiders ?

thunder ?

small spaces ?

open spaces ?

cancer ?

flying ?

These are common phobias, in fact, they are all listed on WebMD as being in the top ten fears and phobias. And while I certainly don't love the idea of any of those(except open spaces, I love being in open spaces)...none of them are my number one fear. But mine was on the list, too:

Social situations.

Something as simple as saying hello to someone sitting next to me will cause me to fret and worry. And I usually don't even go through with it. Just typing it makes me laugh! It's just saying hello! hello! not even a full conversation. just a greeting. oh, don't get me wrong, I WANT to say hello, it just scares me. why? I don't know. would probably have to pay someone quite a lot of money to figure that one out :)

Through the years, I have been labled a snob, stuck-up, or just seen as being disinterested in what was going on around me. But I'm not! Chances are, if you see me that way, I actually want to be your friend.

Of course, there will be those of you reading this that will laugh, perhaps even re-check your monitor to make sure you are reading the correct, I am not writing this on behalf of someone else :) this is me. But I may have met you in a situation that I was extremely comfortable in, so your impression of me is very different. Because I also have a seemingly confliciting passion to being socially phobic: I love performing.

I'm currently IN a show, for heaven's sake! And it's wonderful...being up there on the stage, in front of a hundred or so people. I CAN maintain the performance beyond the final bow, but that's exactly what it feels like: a performance. The comfortable feeling of having a scripted world is not so easily maintained once the play ends, but I can do it. I would just rather not.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy being social. Far from it! I have just had to reconcile myself to the fact that I will most likely feel awkward, even if surrounded by friends, and remind myself of that little truism...'no one is thinking of you even half as much as you are thinking of yourself."

Life is too short to live it on the bench...or in the wings :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nine Lives? well...7 down, 2 to go...

This is Bella.

Bella is our new kitten.

Bella likes to run.

Bella doesn't stop so well.

Bella falls.

A lot.

Having just witnessed her skidding through the rungs of the second story stair railing, grasping wildly at the air, before a heart-stopping (mine--not hers!) fall to the hard wood floor below...I can only say

thank goodness for multiple feline lives.

she seemed stunned for a moment, shook off and ran back up the stairs. presumably to practice her technique.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have followers!

blogging...what a wonderful, strange, new world.

I love reading posts, following rabbit-trails, and discovering just how talented everyone is.

Today, I discovered this fabulous feature called 'followers'.

And BONUS! I already have two--without even knowing I did! (thanks Amy and Heidi!)

So, I've added a follower widget (fabulous word) to the top of my right hand sidebar...and (here's where YOU come in...) I would LOVE to have you add yourself to my followers! :)

But only if you want to... ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I'm Elaine Harper...I live next door."

Yes, it's a line from a show. No, you probably wouldn't know it unless you are super familiar with the play, Arsenic and Old Lace.

I do play Elaine Harper, and yes, I am the 'girl next door'. Which is what I used to play all the time. Happily stereotyped as the 'good' girl, the princess, the lovely heroine, I never dreamed that someday I'd be fighting to break an image of evil!

Not that I don't enjoy all the 'bad' girl roles I am now often cast as. To the contrary, I LOVE playing bad :) It is just fun, this time, to be back on the nice side of the fence.

So, if you are in the area, and want to see a really great show...with me playing a super sweet gal, alongside a whole cast of amazingly talented actors...please come see Arsenic. We open Thursday! (you can link to the Magenta Theater website for more info from my 'favorites' sidebar)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On A Plane to China...

Nope! Not us this time ;)

But our dear friends, Mark and Shannon Laxton, who we traveled with 2 years ago, and whose daughter, Sage, was a roommate of Evie's for the first 9 months of their lives, are returning TODAY to China to get their daughter, Mavery.

We are praying for them as they return to China, knowing that this trip, although seemingly similar to the last, is going to hold all new experiences and challenges for them.

If you would like to follow their journey, you can link to Shannon's blog from my sidebar. She has set up a travel blog specifically for this trip.

They are a beautiful family with an awesome story of faith. We are blessed to know them, and so look forward to meeting Mavery.