Tuesday, March 23, 2010

yes. I'm still here.

just in case that was the question. :)

so....what have we been up to? eh, not much. a lot.

and the great thing has been that I have been doing stuff and not just sitting at my computer. of course, being too tired/busy to then sit and blog about said stuff is not as entertaining to you in bloggy land (nor to me!--yes, I read my blog;) hee hee).

now the ever elusive questions--do I attempt to catch up all in one post? several large posts over the next few days? go back and catch up chronologically (this one I tend to favor because many of the past couple months events are actually begun as blog drafts...just not completed yet)?

oooh. how 'bout I mix it up a bit and do a bit of each? I'll finish the blogs I've got saved in draft...and then throw the rest into a big compilation or two!!

but not today.
today the sun is shining again ~ and since my days as a Pacific Northwesterner are coming to an end...(*cue dramatic music*dun, dun, dun...there's some of that 'stuff' that's been happening--a bit of a preview/teaser!)..I think I'll go enjoy this golden afternoon out of doors. (with the cat, of course.) :)


Tamara said...

AAAAGH!!! HOW can you leave us hanging like this... do tell wherever you are going!!!

StefRobrts said...

Get out and enjoy that sunshine (not like there won't be lots of sun where you're going)! When you move you'd better get more active here or on FB so we can keep up with you - we'll miss you!

Goofy said...

You're MOVING?!?!? Where???

rebanerck said...

If you don't call me in the next 24 hours your days as my friend are limited... :-)

dotoner said...

LOL! love reading the indignant responses - though of course I know the answer so that allows me to be smug. :) You better get back on here and post soon though or there will be Trouble!:)