Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Memories...remember when we went on vacation for Spring Break?

So, it's not going back real far this Monday.

Just last year, at this time. Spring Break.

You can read the post here.


dare I even mention the word economy? are you as sick of hearing about it as I am? ok, I won't then. I'll just say that the 'e' word has this Spring Break looking a bit less...well,... Disney.

not necessarily a bad thing ... just forcing us to be more creative this break ~ today we spent much of the day painting and cleaning. it was actually quite fun!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Memories...doesn't even look like the same house

This photo is from Christmas 2004. Just over 4 years ago. And it was taken in my house--not that you'd know it if you came over today!

My husband loves projects. He almost always has a 'project car' he is working on, as well as some home-remodeling project going.

In this photo, alone, there are many examples of his remodeling/projects. I could tell you, but it is easier to just take a photo...

of how this same exact corner looks today!The molding on the door on the left in the photo is the only thing that has not changed. The wood stove and brickwork was beautiful, but in early 2005, Gabby was walking along the bricks, slipped and fell right onto the wood stove. Fortunately, she reached out to catch herself, so the burns were only on her hands--but they were severe enough that Daddy immediately tore out the stove!

Well, since he was going to have to match tile on the floor for where the bricks had been, and was going to have wall to fill in--he decided to do downstairs in all hardwood and add a window.

and that's just one corner! currently he is splitting our bonus room upstairs into two rooms: a bedroom for Evie, and a small office for himself. I'll post pics of that another day.

(yay! for Monday me another day before having to post more on my so much progress...on my mess clean-up)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Mess Evolves...

Almost everything is now out of the room, and the holes are spackled. (there were so many holes in this room--we had installed MANY shelves and railing--as well as an elevated play castle--in the room at one time) Now that it is all patched, I am going to go get some paint!

I got rid of a trashbag full of stuff from here! yay! and I now know what all is on the shelves--still more to get rid of...and I haven't begun digging below, but it sure feels good to have started.

Any of you considering posting your own messes yet?! It is really motivational knowing that you all are checking in on my progress!

Friday, March 6, 2009

My House Mess

Upon reading this post by Beckie at Infarrantly Creative this afternoon, I wondered if posting pictures of my own messes would inspire me to get them organized/cleaned/finished. Upon receiving an email from her later this afternoon, I decided to actually do it! (thank you, by the way, for that--just the kick in the pants I needed!)

The first mess...and the one that actually bugs me the most. My scrapbooking supplies. or at least some of them.

The cabinets below are hiding a multitude of sins as well.

The rest of my scrapbooking stuff is hidden here. in the garage. a ridiculous amount of stuff for someone who doesn't even really scrapbook anymore, eh? (I say REALLY because, of course, I still plan to someday finish certain albums and projects...someday...)

My goal is to seriously reduce the amount of stuff first, and then organize the small amount of stuff that is then left.

The next mess...the middle kids' former bedroom, now semi-playroom/guest room (cozy looking bed, eh? want to come stay?)...and *sigh* I DO actually have a guest arriving next week--sorry, dad, if you are reading this...hopefully it will look better by then!

My goal for this room is to paint it a color that is less 'welcome to Toontown' --add some shelving for toy storage (the costumes are going in the bedrooms upstairs) and, to either get a mattress for the bed frame I have, or (preferrably) to find a futon that will fit in the other playroom--which would free up space in here for my treadmill.

so there you have it. my messes. ack! I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I will post pictures by tomorrow evening of each of these locations again (even if they haven't changed) to update you on my progress--I am feeling inspired!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I love...curled potato chips

I will peek inside a bag of chips to see where a curled one is to make sure I grab it when I reach in. If none are visible, I will gently shake the chips to uncover one to target. If that still doesn't produce one, I am not opposed to digging my way through the entire bag in search of the prize.

I have recently discovered Maui Onion chips, a type of kettle chip ~ they are almost ALL curled. heaven.

ever have so much you want to write about, but just can't seem to be able to put it in words?

ever end up posting about curled potato chips instead?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Memories...he was cool even at five

ok--so it's not exactly MY Monday Memory this week, but rather my husband's. And really he was no help. I pulled up this photo ---this super adorable photo, I might add!---and asked him about it. His response?...

'it was the bi-centennial my kindergarten year.'

care to expand on that?


well, why not?

'I don't want that photo getting out.'

*sigh* oh, honey. you know me better than that. it's on my computer---it's OUT! love you!