Friday, August 13, 2010

Meteor Shower!

The title comes with an exclamation point because I am still super excited at the thought of a meteor shower on a clear night with just a sliver of a moon (keeps it nice and dark).

HOWEVER...our star watching party turned out very different from what was planned. ~ I am learning that plans are made just to keep me sane and excited for something, but they are not what is actually going to happen (I know, many of you figure this out much earlier on, but I am slow on the uptake with this concept, and just now learning to not anger at change) ~ so! while not a lengthy campout under the was a fun evening topped off with a few 'shooting star' viewings.

My Plan:  (Revised) tarp check
2.make snacks check
3.gather blankets/sleeping bags check
4.flashlight check on for kiddos at 10pm (keep them awake!) check (half of item accomplished, see #7 below)
6.pick up daddy at airport at midnight
6.pick up daddy at 12:15 (flight delayed)
6.pick up daddy at 1:15 (flight REALLY delayed) check
7.wake up 3 children
7. put youngest child to bed check
8. wake up 2 children check
9.spread out tarp in backyard check
10. cuddle in blankets check
11. watch meteor shower for hours while eating yummy snacks
11. try to get children to keep eyes open to see even one meteor check
12. put children to bed 5 minutes later, not sure if they even comprehended any of it check
13. while blogging about it all, realize that this is the stuff of great memories anyway :) check


Daniel said...

Christianna and I have tried the meteor shower thing numerous times before and yes ... we were sucked in again. As you say, the show was slightly less than spectacular, but the night sky was beautiful and there's that making memories thing (minus the trip to the airport)

Heather Lough said...

Well, sorry we missed it. Another example of me never knowing what's going on in the world (or my own backyard). As for planning, I've determined to never do it because, as you learned, it never works out the way we hoped or imagined.