Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New...










...sorrows. blank now, just waiting for that first glint of sunlight to rise on it ~ Jan. 1, 2010. what do you have in store for us, new decade? eager to find out...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new posts and first snow

the kiddos raced outside today to play in the first snowfall of the season. not much on the ground in this photo from early afternoon, but it is certainly covered out there now!

little by little I have been keeping up my blogging. but I have been keeping it all to myself. I know. what's the point, right?


but I just didn't feel inclined to publish them. don't judge. I've already admitted I don't know why.

anywho. they are here now. if you wish to peruse...please do. they date back to August, I believe ...and yes, I kept the original dates on them, even though some I just finished recently. I like chronological order. it makes sense in my oft scrambled brain.

oh. and there will be more (summer vacation pics still coming--yikes! only 6 months behind on those!). and they will be added by their original date, too. sorry if that is confusing. I would say that my new year's resolution is to keep up better with my blogging--but I think I said that LAST year... :P

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas 2009

all dressed up in their Christmas outfits for Christmas Eve service at church.

I am so blessed :)

may your Christmas be filled with joy and love.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gabby's Pony Party

Gabby has been taking riding lessons this year at a wonderful stable near our house. However, the lure of gymnastics recently pulled her away from riding and I am currently enjoying an inside seat during lessons at the gym (it is stinkier but much warmer ~ especially this time of year!). BUT, if birthday party desires are any indication of where a girl's true love lies...well, we may be back in the stable before long :)
Many of Gab's friends were able to join us for her pony party ON her actual birthday (so nice when they fall on a Saturday!) And Miss Kathryn really went out of her way to give everyone a fantastic experience. We all learned so much about horses and ponies during the tutorial time, and then all the kiddos got to ride TWICE! ice cream cake and presents rounded out a fun (although super cold) December day ;)

King Arthur patiently allows us to examine his teeth

so happy :)

Gabby, back in the saddle again!

ian saddles up, as well

even little sister goes for a ride

wonder what the wish could be? couldn't possibly involve horses...

the saddle Gabby sat on to open her presents!

Fun time all around :)

Oh, Gabrielle, I have so many wishes for you ~ on your birthday and always. mainly, I wish you to know just how very loved you are. and what an amazing young lady you are becoming. 9! whoa!--is that possible?! Each year has been more and more wonderful with you. You make me smile everyday with your songs and dances and dreams of being a 'rock star'. To me, you always will be. I love you, Babs. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Evie's 4th birthday

What she wanted most for her birthday was a party at the local 'mouse house'. (aka Chuck E. Cheese) Having done a large birthday party at Chuck's for Gabby a few years back, the memories still make me cringe a bit. So, instead, we opted for family and one friend. Owen. Wouldn't you know it, Owen wasn't in the mood for photos that day, so I don't have any of them playing. but I assure you--they had fun. and it was the most stress-free party yet! yay!!!

(oh, and for those of you wondering...she is completely obsessed with Minnie Mouse--wants to wear the red and white polka-dot dress and mouse ears EVERYWHERE and introduces herself as 'minnie mouse')

Happy Birthday, Big 4-year-old! I love you so much :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tyrone Wells Concert

I must first preface this by saying that this concert totally rocked!. We had so much fun, and were so uplifted by the music that it is almost frustrating that everyone we know did not go. --because it is impossible to relay just how great it was :) (kind of a 'you had to be there--wish you had been' kind of a thing)
We are big Tyrone fans to begin with ~ not that we had really followed his music all that closely lately (although we have now remedied that and have 2 of his CDs...and will assuredly get more!) ~ we are just fans of TYRONE! You see, we went to college with him, and Jeff's brother actually played with him in a band for a number of years before he went solo. He is a great guy: a sincere, Godly man that has an amazing voice and passion for music. So, next time he is in your town, grab the chance ~ and go!!

Definitely one of the best date nights we have had in a while :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Walt Disney World

This is what 3am looks like:

But the gorgeous view from our room made that late night arrival all worth it...
don't they look thrilled to see Walt Disney World?!

these crocs were not real--unlike the ones we saw later in Animal Kingdom!

ooooh...that Jungle Cruise is one serious ride...(I think they are trying to figure out the corny jokes!)

riding all together...

with mom and dad right behind!

even the quick thunder showers couldn't dampen our fun--we just tossed on ponchos!
Evie, especially, enjoyed the wet times :)
and what a treat it was to get to see Evie's roommate from China, Sage! (we also got to meet Sage's new sister from China, Mavery!)

AND we got to see one of Evie's other roommates, Rebeka, again! we had not seen her since China! the three girls (well, actually four, including Mavery) had such a great time together :)

Ian enjoys a swim in one of the gorgeous pools at the resort.

Evie with her new best friend, Minnie Mouse :)

night view of the Epcot ball. 'spaceship earth' (the ride inside the ball) was one of our favorites!

High School Musical 3 dances down the streets of Hollywood Studios...
and, to her delight, Gabby is chosen to dance with them!

what fun! an English phone booth in Epcot to squish in to!!

Ian and Gabby are swallowed by Bruce!
So glad we got to see your 2nd park, Uncle Walt :) We still love Disneyland the best, but WDW is certainly incredible!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Six Years Old

For his 6th birthday this year, Ian wanted a Lego party. No big surprise there, as he has been very into Legos for the past year, building new creations every day.

Well, not only did he get that Lego party, filled with all things Lego for he and his friends...

(yup--that's the cake! one of the most fun I've made so far!)

handsome birthday boy waiting to welcome his guests

punch with Lego ice cubes :)

lego train game

...but he also got the ultimate Lego-lover's dream trip...

LegoLand, CA!!! (with the added bonus of it being a 'guy trip' with just daddy)

another bonus! getting to see CA cousins, AJ and Julianna!

I love you, Ian! it is a joy and privilege to be your mom :)