Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was able to take Shell, Gab, and Ian to see the Broadway show 'CATS' this past Sunday.
 The show holds a special space in my heart, because it was the first Broadway show I ever saw. It was my big 16th birthday present and my mom took me to see it:)
Mom was actually supposed to be at this performance with us, as well, but work has taken her down the coast for a bit to Monteray, CA.
We missed having gramma there, but it was amazing being able to share it with almost all of my kiddos ~ Evie and I will have to catch it when she is a bit older :)

Shell scores an autograph from 'Rum Tum Tugger' ;)

asleep by the time we arrived home...
and it was even a matinee' !!!

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karin said...

Did the little ones enjoy it? Did you enjoy it as much as you did at 16?