Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Disney Life more and more days find us at "happyland"...well, it gets me thinking...perhaps I should have another blog...a blog specifically for our Disney life...a blog titled... ?!?!  perhaps ~ Our Disney Life?

or....? any other suggestions?

I don't love the idea of starting another blog, and yet, I find that what I most want to post is about our days in Disneyland. ~ then, those who want to follow all that crazy fun can--and those who don't...well, they can stay here :)

and~ speaking of all things Disney--check out those amazing caramel apples! (and the amazing price tag to go along with them!)


StefRobrts said...

Well, I can guarantee we would read it :)

Dee said...

keep it here, girl! Love it when you post. The day that I can, I'm coming your way!

Dana said...

You know I'd read it wherever it was...but an entire blog just about being at Disneyland sounds kind of amazing. :) I would happily read it here, too though!

rebanerck said...

Disney, housecleaning, grocery shopping... you write about it, I will read it... :-)

annaliese said...

seriously awesome friends I have :) thanks guys. blogs are really nice for encouragement :) even when you have been a horribly inattentive blogger -like me!

I have not decided yet, but will keep you posted ;)