Saturday, October 23, 2010

my birthday fun

 Keira and mommy (Tricia)  (my sis in law and niece) paint pumpkins
 Brennan (nephew), Evie and Ian paint their pumpkins

Special Breakfast (made by my kiddos!), Pumpkin Carving (and scooping antics by daddy!), New Camera (that's it hiding up there on the fridge--couldn't use it because it was straight out of the box--needed charging!thank you, love, for an awesome and unexpected gift!), and Yummy Food( check out those fun rice crispy treats) ~ it was a lovely, surrounded by family, birthday.

note:  There would be MANY more photos of family ~ if they all hadn't been such stinkers about having their photo taken! I see I shall have to train these ones: I love taking photos and you must learn to pose for me!!! :)   So, even though they are not pictured here ~ mom and dad gove, greg and julie (brother and sister in law), AJ (nephew), Julianna (niece), and GABBY!! (how did she get by me?!)  were also all at the pumpkin carving/birthday party.

the only thing that would have made it better: the REST of my family here and all of my Northwest friends--sooo missing you all!!!!

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Daniel said...

Everything looks YUMMY! At least Brennan is holding his brush in the proper hand! It was nice of Gene Simmons to come over and scoop out the pumpkin for you.