Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fast Food Rules

1. Don't eat fast food. (watch "Super Size Me" if you need further motivation that this 'food' is terrible for your body.)

2. Always double-check to make sure they get your order right in the drive-thru. (this rule is for those, like me, who despite watching "Super Size Me" and firmly believing that Rule #1 is what I should be listening to ~ still end up in the drive-thru, and get REALLY ticked off when an order is not correct! I mean, if I am going to fork over the $ for this stuff then every flipping, greasy, morsel had better make it into my bags! I am in the drive-thru, for goodness sake, you really think I would stoop to this level if I had the time to park, run inside with receipt in hand, wait for someone to notice me waving said receipt at counter, overhear conversation from the cook to the drive-thru bagger~

'You need a quarter-pounder, Derek?'

Derek, (checking his screen in front of him that obviously only show the current orders--not those that he short-changed a moment ago) 'Nope.'

'huh. weird. I got an extra.'

~~~~ huh. Weird. I didn't get mine. oh! oh! oh! do you think....?! ~ wow. this could all work out.)