Monday, January 25, 2010



no, not the canned meat stuff. (I actually kinda like that when served in little wanna-be sushi rolls...aaaaaanyway....)

I reiterate. I HATE SPAM.

in my email inbox. and now here, on my blog.

I have experienced this before, when I first started blogging a few years back. I thought that somehow my meager little musings had captured a worldwide audience ~ and I was honored! I figured their broken English and strange wordings were just evidence of it being their second language and they certainly had a better grasp on my first language than I would ever on theirs! more and more bloggy friends went to spam filters, I figured out that these 'foreign fans' were no more than ads. attempts to lure unsuspecting victims into scams.


I'm so upset about this that I am posting this WITHOUT A PICTURE. because they have ruined my blogging fun.

yes, I know. just add a filter setting and move on, right? I'll try.

and this is my apology for the annoying spam filter that you will have to leap through before posting a comment. I find these soooooo annoying and really dislike having to go through them on other blogs--but I do it, because I know why they have to have them there. so, I hope it does not dissuade you, my lovely, loyal, blog reader from commenting. I would miss that. and the bad guys would win. we don't want that. I already feel like I've given them the win by changing my settings.


snazzykc said...

dang it anyway...well, at least you can think you are eating the spam when you fry some of the canned stuff up!

StefRobrts said...

I got a spam comment just the other day! I haven't had one in years. We deal with them all the time on the Airstream Trailer forum I moderate. It's amazing the effort they will put into getting their spam out. I just delete them and move on. Actually, sometimes I enjoy them because they are quite strange and funny :)

Your next post should be how to make spam sushi!

meleea said...

I have been getting them annoying! I guess I better add the filter also.

Goofy said...

Strange. I also got one, and as far as I know, I have the filter on.

Hmmm... think I'll go check.

Daniel said...

I'm liking spam very much. Especially the Monty Python version!

Dana said...

So lame! But as you know, I filter my comments too, as I have dealt with the same thing on my blog.

On the plus side (?), we now get to decipher the word verifications.

What do you suppose "florke" means? =D