Sunday, January 10, 2010

My desk or 'where the bloggy magic happens!'

Key Elements in my Desk Space:
(other than the Pretty in Pink framed album. because, really, that speaks for itself.)

engagement photo
(did not see the dust before this close-up of this adorable, if rather youngish couple.)

scripture cards
the camera really does add ten pounds! I just didn't know it pertained to dust as well.
(nice shot of the glasses I should have on my head while typing this...hang-on...alrighty, much better! oh, dang. now I see even MORE dust! lol)

cool art project from last year that still makes me smile
and cut-out, groovy mannequin head from an ULTA ad.
(you may also note the enormous margarita glass from Great Wolf Lodge... now relegated to the unglamorous job of holding pens and such (if you are an odd-shaped mug or glass in my house, you better prove yourself adept at much more than 'beverage bearer' if you expect to stick around long)

Ergo keyboard
which is actually really funny, because I sit on a folding chair -- at the wrong height, thus erasing all possible benefits of mr. ergo keyboard...who, I notice upon closer inspection, is covered in shiny, sticky fingerprints. nice. *sigh* ah well, from the 'webkinz' tag lurking in the background I really didn't fool any of you into believing that I actually get to sit here when they are awake did I? didn't think so! :)

have a good evening! ~ I'm going to go get a washcloth...and a dust cloth...


Tamara said...

Fun post - you make me smile - you have a bit of the college-aged girl in you - I remember the cut-out collages and funny faces that I would decorate my dorm walls with - mostly "hot guys" - and I too have an odd shaped mug at my desk full of pens... and dust - well, that is just part of the home decor!

Heather Lough said...

You've been a blogging fool. I just don't even have the energy. One of these days I'll try to post everyday for awhile. It would be a good experiment to see how long that would last.

You'd be delighted to know my pen holder on my desk is a Mickey mug from Disneyland. One of the clear glass ones engraved with Mickey that I then had my name engraved into.

StefRobrts said...

Excellent post :)

snazzykc said...

Your posts always make me smile :)