Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Memories...remember when we went on vacation for Spring Break?

So, it's not going back real far this Monday.

Just last year, at this time. Spring Break.

You can read the post here.


dare I even mention the word economy? are you as sick of hearing about it as I am? ok, I won't then. I'll just say that the 'e' word has this Spring Break looking a bit less...well,... Disney.

not necessarily a bad thing ... just forcing us to be more creative this break ~ today we spent much of the day painting and cleaning. it was actually quite fun!


snazzykc said...

Have you been to Enchanted Forest yet?
Until May they are only open on the weekend though. You can take your lunch with you and eat it while watching the water show. I would suggest being there when they open, less people!

Dee said...

aaaaah! I so want to go to Disneyland. Maybe that's how I will spend my birthday.

dotoner said...

My backyard is nearly as fun as Disney - except in the rain . . . then it is not the happiest place on earth . . . .

rebanerck said...

I think they have a name for that... like "staycation" or somthing... :-) It's all good. You won't have any buyer's remorse! And Dave Ramsey would be proud!