Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Memories...doesn't even look like the same house

This photo is from Christmas 2004. Just over 4 years ago. And it was taken in my house--not that you'd know it if you came over today!

My husband loves projects. He almost always has a 'project car' he is working on, as well as some home-remodeling project going.

In this photo, alone, there are many examples of his remodeling/projects. I could tell you, but it is easier to just take a photo...

of how this same exact corner looks today!The molding on the door on the left in the photo is the only thing that has not changed. The wood stove and brickwork was beautiful, but in early 2005, Gabby was walking along the bricks, slipped and fell right onto the wood stove. Fortunately, she reached out to catch herself, so the burns were only on her hands--but they were severe enough that Daddy immediately tore out the stove!

Well, since he was going to have to match tile on the floor for where the bricks had been, and was going to have wall to fill in--he decided to do downstairs in all hardwood and add a window.

and that's just one corner! currently he is splitting our bonus room upstairs into two rooms: a bedroom for Evie, and a small office for himself. I'll post pics of that another day.

(yay! for Monday me another day before having to post more on my so much progress...on my mess clean-up)


Tamara said...

oh how cool - I didn't realize your hubby was a project man - we (meaning my husband) did a re-do like that in our downstairs, too - I should post before and after pics! Taylor walked in when I was looking at your post and didn't believe that the pic was of Gabby - see what 4 years does - grows them up too fast!! And, nobody is expecting a finished project this week on your room make-over - I am just super impressed with all that you have accomplished already!

Mer said...

If Bryan had more time and money free right now, he would be turning our house upside-down doing projects are repairs. (He is very handy -- he re-did our kitchen before I moved in, and I love it!)

But since he doesn't have time right now, we have applied for a house rehab program through Columbia Non-profit Housing. We may have some remodeling going on soon, Lord willing!

Carrie said...

Please send him here. I have an unfinished basement to finish.

" )

Dee said...

What an amazing difference!

You place looks fab!

The Acting Mom said...

Can I borrow your hubby to do some projects around here? We can never find the time!