Friday, March 6, 2009

My House Mess

Upon reading this post by Beckie at Infarrantly Creative this afternoon, I wondered if posting pictures of my own messes would inspire me to get them organized/cleaned/finished. Upon receiving an email from her later this afternoon, I decided to actually do it! (thank you, by the way, for that--just the kick in the pants I needed!)

The first mess...and the one that actually bugs me the most. My scrapbooking supplies. or at least some of them.

The cabinets below are hiding a multitude of sins as well.

The rest of my scrapbooking stuff is hidden here. in the garage. a ridiculous amount of stuff for someone who doesn't even really scrapbook anymore, eh? (I say REALLY because, of course, I still plan to someday finish certain albums and projects...someday...)

My goal is to seriously reduce the amount of stuff first, and then organize the small amount of stuff that is then left.

The next mess...the middle kids' former bedroom, now semi-playroom/guest room (cozy looking bed, eh? want to come stay?)...and *sigh* I DO actually have a guest arriving next week--sorry, dad, if you are reading this...hopefully it will look better by then!

My goal for this room is to paint it a color that is less 'welcome to Toontown' --add some shelving for toy storage (the costumes are going in the bedrooms upstairs) and, to either get a mattress for the bed frame I have, or (preferrably) to find a futon that will fit in the other playroom--which would free up space in here for my treadmill.

so there you have it. my messes. ack! I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I will post pictures by tomorrow evening of each of these locations again (even if they haven't changed) to update you on my progress--I am feeling inspired!!!


Tamara said...

Nothing like a little sunshine to get you in the mood for SPRING cleaning - good for you! And even if you just moved the costumes out of the room and a few of the stuffed animals, the room would look like you were hard at work - do-able - in small pieces... and I am so with you on the scrapbooking chaos... how did we get so out of control at some point?

Carrie said...

I think I'd have to take pictures of my entire house and then I'd never show my face on my blog again from the sheer embarrassment!!

Kudos to you for doing this!

Lee Ann said...

You're brave! But not alone!

Looking forward to the "and now...." pictures.

Shannon said...

very brave! But hey...we ALL have our messes!

Heather Lough said...

Ugh, can't we just ignore the messes? I need to do this.