Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Trip to Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night

waiting to ride the 'new' submarine ride

enjoying the Jungle Cruise

smiles while waiting to ride Splash Mountain

one last trip down Main Street

Spring Break at Disneyland. How cliche'. How unlike our family, who having visited Disneyland so many times, knows to avoid the park in peak times like say...spring break! And yet, what fun we had :)

Although not the sunny SoCal vacation we were dreaming of (it rained, and we were careless in our packing...while we managed to bring the precipitation down, we forgot our warmer clothing!) we were able to enjoy the park all week and had great fun visiting with mom and dad gove, as well as Jeff's brothers' families.

While always difficult to leave behind loved ones, each visit down there brings a stronger reassurance to both Jeff and I that God has blessed us with such an amazing home up here. From the natural beauty of the land to the unpretentiousness of the residents, we are thankful that, for now...our brief time on earth...our place is in the Pacific Northwest.

And anytime we need it, a "Mickey-fix" is just 1,000 miles away!


Mer said...

I love the pic on the Jungle cruise.

You are so beautiful.

Jaynie Roberts said...

What wonderful pictures from your D'land trip! You're all so photogenic. love ya

the gove family said...

awww...mer and jaynie, you are both so complimentary! thank you :) it was such a fun trip, and yes, i do love the way the pics turned out!