Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tyrone Wells Concert

I must first preface this by saying that this concert totally rocked!. We had so much fun, and were so uplifted by the music that it is almost frustrating that everyone we know did not go. --because it is impossible to relay just how great it was :) (kind of a 'you had to be there--wish you had been' kind of a thing)
We are big Tyrone fans to begin with ~ not that we had really followed his music all that closely lately (although we have now remedied that and have 2 of his CDs...and will assuredly get more!) ~ we are just fans of TYRONE! You see, we went to college with him, and Jeff's brother actually played with him in a band for a number of years before he went solo. He is a great guy: a sincere, Godly man that has an amazing voice and passion for music. So, next time he is in your town, grab the chance ~ and go!!

Definitely one of the best date nights we have had in a while :)

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