Saturday, November 21, 2009

Evie's 4th birthday

What she wanted most for her birthday was a party at the local 'mouse house'. (aka Chuck E. Cheese) Having done a large birthday party at Chuck's for Gabby a few years back, the memories still make me cringe a bit. So, instead, we opted for family and one friend. Owen. Wouldn't you know it, Owen wasn't in the mood for photos that day, so I don't have any of them playing. but I assure you--they had fun. and it was the most stress-free party yet! yay!!!

(oh, and for those of you wondering...she is completely obsessed with Minnie Mouse--wants to wear the red and white polka-dot dress and mouse ears EVERYWHERE and introduces herself as 'minnie mouse')

Happy Birthday, Big 4-year-old! I love you so much :)

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Amy said...

So adorable (the Minnie Mouse thing)! And I believe one of my birthdays -- somewhere in the 4-6 range -- was at Chuck E. Cheese's too. How interesting that it's still just as popular with the kiddies these days. :)