Saturday, September 19, 2009

Six Years Old

For his 6th birthday this year, Ian wanted a Lego party. No big surprise there, as he has been very into Legos for the past year, building new creations every day.

Well, not only did he get that Lego party, filled with all things Lego for he and his friends...

(yup--that's the cake! one of the most fun I've made so far!)

handsome birthday boy waiting to welcome his guests

punch with Lego ice cubes :)

lego train game

...but he also got the ultimate Lego-lover's dream trip...

LegoLand, CA!!! (with the added bonus of it being a 'guy trip' with just daddy)

another bonus! getting to see CA cousins, AJ and Julianna!

I love you, Ian! it is a joy and privilege to be your mom :)


dotoner said...

Great job on that cake!!!

Mer said...

Love that cake!! You are amazing. I would love to see step-by-step on that one. :) But then, I suppose this isn't a food blog, is it? ;)