Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new posts and first snow

the kiddos raced outside today to play in the first snowfall of the season. not much on the ground in this photo from early afternoon, but it is certainly covered out there now!

little by little I have been keeping up my blogging. but I have been keeping it all to myself. I know. what's the point, right?


but I just didn't feel inclined to publish them. don't judge. I've already admitted I don't know why.

anywho. they are here now. if you wish to peruse...please do. they date back to August, I believe ...and yes, I kept the original dates on them, even though some I just finished recently. I like chronological order. it makes sense in my oft scrambled brain.

oh. and there will be more (summer vacation pics still coming--yikes! only 6 months behind on those!). and they will be added by their original date, too. sorry if that is confusing. I would say that my new year's resolution is to keep up better with my blogging--but I think I said that LAST year... :P


StefRobrts said...

You should join me for a 'picture a day' challenge. You're such a great photographer already. Like you don't have enough to do chasing after those kids, I'm sure! :)

Mer said...

I said, "What the heck?!?" when I checked Google Reader today. How could I have missed seven of Annaliese's posts? So glad it was not me ignoring you. :)

Blogs should be something you do for fun. Don't feel guilty no matter how much or little you post. Just have a good time with it, and we will enjoy what you share, when you feel "inclined." :)