Friday, December 23, 2011

The Good I've Found (TGIF): sunshine

Two days before Christmas and all through the windows
Came streaking and shining with jubilant fun
These bright rays of light, shimmering and dancing
Proclaiming that summer's not the only season for sun.

alright, so it's a bit rough...but you get the idea.

Maybe it is just because I've only lived back in sunny, SoCal for a year and a half, after being away in rainy Washington for almost 11 years...


Or maybe it is that scientifically proven fact that sunshine makes you happy.  ---or something like that, Vitamin D and all... (no, I'm not a scientist...but those who have the special lamps in their houses or go for light therapy treatments can back me up on this one, right?!)

hey! that one song by that one guy proclaims the fact..."...sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...) 

No matter the reason, the fact is... I don't miss the snow this year. Nope. Not one bit. ok, that's extreme --I do miss the beauty of it.  But you know what? Fake snow is really beautiful, too ;) And my favorite place has lots of fun, fake snow.

my Evie in her winter wear :)

I know, I know. It's not the same. You are right. It is not cold. It is not damp. It is not messy. Yeah. I think I can deal with that.

My TGIF for this week is that I am, unashamedly, in love with this Southern Californian Christmas.

May your Christmas be as wonderful, wherever, however and with whomever you celebrate it !

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StefRobrts said...

Take a look at my blog and see my 'commute' photos, and you won't miss the NW one bit! Dreary! I could use a little of that bright sunshine. And actually we got a little today, and it even got warm enough to take off our coats and play outside for a bit! Nice Christmas present :) Miss you guys, I hope you have a wonderful CA Christmas!