Friday, December 2, 2011

The Good I've Found (TGIF): Literally...Stuff I found...

Ok, so I've been having MASSIVE issues with my photos on my computer.

No, I'll rephrase by saying I've been having MASSIVE issues with my computer. period.

That being said, my tech guy is amazing. He's just tired of having to deal with tech issues all day long and then come home to them as well. And between the 5 of us waiting for him at home...there is usually at least 5 computer questions/issues for him. Poor tech guy. We love you :)

ANYWAY...I have blamed cursed put off posting for a couple weeks now due to said issues...but enough is enough! There are GOOD THINGS that need to be posted!!! (and should I regain ability to add photos, I certainly will!)

You ready? Cause this is a REALLY COOL STORY:

Yesterday, the kiddos and I left the house around noon for an ortho appt. When we returned, an hour and a half later, I noticed our 'yard debris' container (it was trash day, so they were on the curb) was stuffed to overflowing with broken wood pieces--furniture and old frames--stuff that we definitely had not put in there and that had not been there before we left the house.  I was a tad upset, thinking that it might not get hauled off--not to mention that someone had put it in our can without asking!--so I decided to try to transfer as much as I could over to the regular trash can. I accidentally lifter the 'recycling' can lid though and WOW, am I ever glad I did! Someone (presumably the same broken furniture off loading folks) had carefully deposited a large an enormous glass tank/aquarium inside. AND...that tank was full of another tank...AND...THAT tank was full of another...and another...and so on...and so on...

seriously, we now own 6 tanks. 3 glass and 3 plastic. Plus 6 heat lamps, bulb refills, sunning rocks and other accessories.

and it is all in great condition.

Ian has been asking for a turtle. I think God just said yes.  ;)

Moral of the story: If you have any really cool stuff you've been wanting to get rid of, please come dump it in one of my trash bins...on Thursdays...I guarantee I will never not check them again because of TGIF this week! :)


Daniel said...

Welcome to the world of dumpster diving!

Goofy said...

Wow... that's... AMAZING.

StefRobrts said...

That's bizarre, and kind of wonderful. I would also be happy if someone dumped aquariums off at my house - I would have to fill them :)

dotoner said...

How odd! Dumpster diving in your own driveway! :)