Friday, December 9, 2011

The Good I've Found (TGIF) : friends

I learned a song in girl scouts about friendship...without being able to sing it to you (I know you would all just love that!) here are the lyrics, at least:

make new friends
but keep the old
one is silver 
and the other gold.

It was sung as a round (you remember those, right?) So as the first group got to the end of the 2nd verse, the next group started at the beginning, Which resulted in us proving that the clever writers of the song had created two equal parts (wow), and made for mixed up singers in a really loud, confusing mess. sigh. good times.

Good times with friends, in fact! And yes, I do consider those girls my friends. Even though I don't have any idea where most of them are, or have been for the past 25 or so years! (through the amazingness that is connected technology and social media I am happy to say that I do stay in relative contact with at least 2 of them, though...seriously cool!)

and speaking of social media ~ the very word FRIEND has become a much used verb in that context. To FRIEND someone.

so...let's vote.  are they actually your friend, if they bear that title on your computer? (check yes, no or maybe and send back to me immediately!!!) They are in my book. If you are a part of my list, on Facebook, on my phone, in my are my friend. For Real.  I want to get to know you better. I desire to see your photos, share in your life, read about your dreams...ok, except for those VERY few exceptions that use rather explicit language to describe your photos, life and I hide and look at only when I can stomach it--my goodness some of you have potty mouths! (and I'm no saint!! lol)

I miss my friends that I have moved away from recently...sometimes I even miss my friends that I moved away from in 7th grade! I am excited to welcome new friends to my life through a new neighborhood, school and small group at church this year.

I love that I am finally feeling like I am friends with my parents. Not that they weren't friendly or there was anything bad before, but with age comes a new type of relationship...and I am so glad ours is friendship.

I don't have much to tie this all together. Just a musing this Friday about TGIF being the many, many friends in my life. May I be ever mindful of how blessed I am by you.


Leigh White said...

Aww, I'm glad we're friends. I know what you mean, my kids don't need a parent that much anymore, and so a new phase is entered. And then, someday, if I drool a lot, you get to be my mommy:) HeeHee

Goofy said...

(2nd verse)
A circle is round
It has no end
That's how long
I want to be your friend

Miss you, too. :D

karin said...

Oh I sang that song while reading it...remembered the tune and all. I love to read about your adventures too. You write with such humor. I just finished these little memory books for the kids and it was amazing.(Called my mom her stories. her words-there is one for dad too)
Leaving your story for your children and future generations. I think it would be amazing to have a log of blog posts/facebook updates to remember your life. That is why I still scrapbook. I guess I am of the generation that likes to feel something in their hands...