Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too Much Snow=No Show

(photo taken in '03--but it looks similar out there right now...I'm just a whimp and don't want to go out!)

Last weekend was amazing at the theater. For a show that seemed so short and more 'kid oriented' during rehearsals--it has turned out to be really amazing...touching all that come to see it and gently revealing the true meaning of Christmas.

Add to that, the fact that it is a very talented, large cast--some of which have driven over half and hour or more each night for rehearsals and performances...and you have a tense scenario with many of us holding our breath--waiting to see what is going to happen.

Oh, I know that the website says "The show must go on!" and I do, truly, believe that in most every situation that is the case.

But we are talking snow, heavy snow, and freezing an area that does not always encounter these weather factors. We are talking almost all schools in the area being closed today...all TV stations playing nothing but weather updates...people being urged to stay home from work.

I do not want to give myself over to worry. There is no point--it doesn't help. But I know something that does! Please pray. Pray first for the safety of all out in this snow...for the drivers...for those without shelter...for those losing power or dealing with frozen pipes...

...and may I also ask for prayer for our show...that the snow/ice situation would back off enough this weekend to allow the performances to go on more patrons will have the opportunity to be entertained and (possibly) enlightened.

thank you so much.


meleea said...

praying that the show will be able to go on!! we are praying that here also for my daughter's performing group as they are to perform the next three days!

Lee Ann said...

Oh and I definitely want it to go on!

Dee said...

Yes, the show will go on!
Be tucked in prayer.
Nightie, night!

Jaynie Roberts said...

You have a wonderful comedic ability.....and I love it when you do those different things with your voice. This role has shown a whole different side of you. I like it. Very fun! love ya,

Dana said...

but there was a show! and it was great! =)