Monday, December 8, 2008

An 8 year-old ROCK STAR

So this is the post where I share with you all the highlights from Gabby's Rock Star birthday party...only I can't seem to get my card to read in the drive (or something like that--forgive my lack of computer lingo--all I really know is that I usually put the little thingy that goes in my camera into the slot on the computer and a message pops up that tells me how to proceed, and I follow the instructions, and my pictures *magically* get into my computer (I love magic) and I am able to share them with you all. and it's not working. the magic is gone.

and I don't blog well without photos.

so, ummm...yes. Gab did turn 8. and there was a party. and you should see the photos. they're great.


dotoner said...

'I don't blog well without photos' you are too funny! Glad to hear Gabby had a great party!

Lee Ann said...

Too funny! Maybe when the magic comes back we can see the photos.

The Acting Mom said...

Your post was hysterical!!!

Thanks for the bright spot in my day! And I look forward to the rock star pictures whenever the magic comes back.

(Oh, I don't blog well without photos either. I think it makes it more exciting to have the visual. When blogs drag on and on without photos, I don't comment.)

Trish said...

You crack me up!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Gabby.

Dee said...

Did you forget to bring a suit case of magic from Disney?

Autumn got a shirt this year that says "Daddy's Rock Star" It's either on or in the laudry basket. It rarely sees the dresser drawer.

Lee Ann and I are going to see you in your play. I hope we can get an autograph afterwards.


Anonymous said...

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