Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Memories: Jack Daniels, summer 2008

I haven't done a Monday Memory in a while...and was missing my childhood friend, Rebecca (hi, bec! I miss you so much my WEF!!) so, thought I'd take a moment to share a very important moment in our lives...our first shot of Jack Daniels. bwahahahaha!
Alright, not exactly an important moment. But a funny one. We had toured the Jack Daniels distillery that day with our husbands, but since it is located in a dry county in TN (irony) had not been able to taste it...and since neither of us ever had...(or maybe we had, just hadn't had a shot of it---which by the way---I do NOT understand. Shots, that is. Seriously not a fun way to ingest alcohol)
As evidenced by our faces, she had already done it--me, not quite yet--notice, I'm still smiling ;)

Happy Monday, Everyone!!


Daniel said...

I think you both had already partaken. You, however, obviously enjoyed it much more. Lush!

rebanerck said...

Nice... :-) is this your retaliation?? haha love it!