Monday, January 2, 2012

My calendar ran out

For the first time in at least 10 years, I have no calendar hanging on the wall. (well, technically, I just says 2011)

Having consistently stayed on top of the whole 'family-calendar-on-the-wall' thing has been a great blessing to my forgetful/distracted mind (quite honestly i can't believe this is the first year I forgot to order a new one!) not to mention to the family as a whole. It gives me a fighting chance at staying on top of upcoming events and it helps us all to look forward to special trips or guest arrivals.

As I glance across the room at DECEMBER 2011 staring at me from above well filled-in boxes, I figure I have a couple of choices:

1.   Stop blogging about it and open another page with and place order.
    2.   Claim ignorance about any upcoming appointments, classes and/or tasks...stay on vacation forever
          and spiral into complete and utter chaos.


      number 2!!!! definitely going for number nope. I don't really have a choice. going to...ummm...go do back in a sec...

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