Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall vacation by the numbers

1 mommy
1 daddy

2 daughters (the eldest was home, playing volleyball)

1 son
2,000 miles in the car

1 (blessed, sent from heaven) DVD player

10 movies

2 hotels
7 days/6 nights at Grammie and Poppy's house

1 stellar reunion with a very dear friend I worked with 9 years ago :)
1 day at HappyLand to visit the giant Mouse...

and Jack (!)

1 flower fairy princess
1 Spiderman
1 Mulan
1 BuzzLightyear (cousin Brennan caught with his hand in Evie's candy bucket!)

157 pieces of candy left from the Halloween haul

2 divas (Gabby and cousin Julianna after Julianna's 'diva' birthday party)

14 Goves gathered to eat at Red Robin--oops! make that 15, because...

1 new-baby-arriving-in-May announcement from Keith and Tricia! congrats again, guys!!!

1 bride (you are so beautiful, Cassie!)

1 groom (welcome to the family, Kory!)

2 favorite aunts (plus uncles and cousins!)loved seeing you all again, so much.

1 Gramma Lee who flew in from our neck of the woods for the ceremony

8 more photos from our trip for you to enjoy

1 really, great sunshiney time had during a not-so-usually-sunshiney-time for this Pacific Northwest family!


Daniel said...

Cassie is, indeed, a beautiful bride! It was good to see everyone again, if only through your camera lens. But, hey ... no pics of "Partners"?

Carrie said...

What a great post! Such lucky girls getting to see Micky!

Lee Ann said...

Oh I love vacation and family reunions! Looks like such a good time!

Dana said...

I love your family. They are too great for words, as are you. ♥

Dee said...

How fun was that trip! I need a vacation! Wanna go to Disney with me! Now that would be a fun MOMS group!

Christine said...

You did a fabulous job putting this post together! Looks like fun was had by all and I am laughing at the thought "you" said in your comment on my blog, that you have a daughter in college,.... You look like you are in college! Have a wonderful week end! =O)

michelle allen said...

Hi Annaliese! Thanks for visiting my blog : ) I laughed at your "powerbars"! I know a lot of people that pack an entire suitcase of food when they travel there, you're not alone! Your family is beautiful and this looks like a full, fun, memorable vacation. See you at church : )

Heather Lough said...

Great job on the post. Love all the pics. Wish we could've been there. Someday our kids will see the happiest place on earth. Congrats to Keith and Trish.

Mara said...

What an entertaining post! How fun to read all about your adventures with your family! I want to go back to Disneyland!

Laura O. said...

Hey Annaliese! It was soooo nice finally meeting Evie and Ian, and to see Gabby as such a beautiful young lady (and quite the heartbreaker she is!). I am absolutely in love with them all. You have such a beautiful family, and it's so wonderful to see you all so happy. I loved spending time with you guys during the reception! Hope to see you all again soon at our next family reunion! Hopefully it isn't another 8 years!

PS I stole the picture of Evie and I to show my friends and co-workers! :)