Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So...I have to know.

Who did it?

I know Dee did. :)

anyone else?

Score anything fabulous? have a horrible experience?

I want to know.

My daughter, Shell, and I have traditionally ventured out early each year...usually to Fred Meyer for the 1/2 price socks (plus free donuts and coffee), then, often to the local craft stores, and a couple of times we even hit the mall.

but this year, last night, as I sat at the dining table surrounded by piles of ads, my daughter, Gabby said "wow, mom, you sure want a lot of things!"

and I realized. I didn't. I didn't want the stuff, the things, the ANYTHING. and I certainly didn't want to get up at 4am to get them!

I have loved this Black Friday shopping tradition with my eldest for years, so it was a difficult decision to make. I really didn't want to shop, but I also didn't want to stop.

Shell did end up going out early, but this year it was with Nick. I was going to meet up with them fairly early, but overslept (perhaps it was a subconscious rebellion?) and didn't end up meeting until almost 10am.

We did shop for a bit, split up again, shopped some more, met up with Jeff and younger kiddos for lunch...then headed home.

It has been a good day. I am a bit sad to have missed the early morning craziness. but relieved to not feel locked in a tradition that really didn't have anything to do with what Christmas is all about.

will I venture out next year at the crack of dawn? perhaps. but only if I have something certain in mind to get. because I don't want a lot. I have a lot.

now it's your turn...'fess up!


Aunt Barb said...

Well, I have to admit, I DID! My daughter-in-law, Karen and myself left at 4:00 a.m., went through Starbucks for our caffeine, and then on to the stores! I have never been before, but because it was my birthday yesterday, I wanted to see what all of the hype was all about! Actually, there were no lines, and it wasn't as crazy as we thought it was going to be. I'm really paying for it (sleep, that is:)now!

annaliese said...

hello Aunt Barb! it is good to hear from you again--you crazy shopper woman! hope you were able to score some great deals?! to make up for the lost sleep :) And a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Lee Ann said...

My mom and I just went to Fred's at 7am. I got cussed out by a lady as I got out of my car! I just smiled at her and said "thank you." Other than that it was a fun hour. That's about all I like. I only had four things on my list. I'm with you about the wants. There seriously is nothing this year. We are simplifying BIG TIME. And for us it's not even that we have to or need to. It just seems that it's the right time to make a big change as to what this holiday is all about.

Goofy said...

Hahahahaaaa, AAAhhahahahaaa.... wait... you were seriously asking if I went out for Black Friday??? ME?? SHOPPING??? AAAhhahahahaaa.... yeah, no. I hate shopping on any day of the year, so like double heck if I was leaving my toasty warm bed to stand in line just to stand in line to get trampled on, only to stand in line AGAIN to check out... oh, no. Not EVER.

Trish said...

Alright, I confess, i did a little shopping. But not until 7am. Then it was Freddies, Kohls, K-mart, Target and lunch (home by 12:15) with a friend who had never don the Black Friday thing. She did the major shopping, I was just along for the socks, a mocha and to see how many friends I ran in to!
It was fun!!

Dana said...

I didn't even leave the house today! It's really hard to even think about shopping (especially for others!) when I have limited funds. And my family is trying to do things simply this year too.

Daniel said...

Friday? I thought it was Black Saturday. No wonder stupid WalMart was still dark at 6.

meleea said...

i did the same as you this year! my mom and i have gone out for years but this year i decided to not stress over all the stuff! it was a little sad to not carry on the tradition but we are also changing the look of our holiday season - simplifying & getting back to what it is about.

rebanerck said...

I am with "Goofy"... Shop? I hate it any day, let alone when people are crazy and pushy and mean over a few dollars saved. I do admit, there were 12 people in my house for 4 days straight, and at about 3 in the afternoon, I left the house "to run errands" and ended up at Bath and Body works for a few minutes, and got a ton of stuff for a relatively small price! So I guess I gave in a bit!

Angela said...

I knew I loved Gabby. We got a newspaper so we could look at the ads on Thanksgiving. We never did. I woke up and thought.. I should see if there is anything good. I didn't. I did swing by Target to get a straightener.. something I'd been planning to get anyway.. I figured they might be on sale. My folks bought laminate flooring.. on sat.. but still. nice to sleep