Friday, November 21, 2008

After Twilight

Rehearsal ended early, so Dana and I were able to drive to my house, leave her car there so we could travel together, and head to dinner by 9pm.
I decided to swing by the movie theater just to see how the lines were looking.
Bad idea.
Lines wrapped around the outside of building.
Did I mention how COLD it was?!
We were both hungry and definitely not in the mood to stand outside for any length of time, so we went to dinner.
Stayed in the warm restaurant for quite a while. yummy food. good conversation.
Back to the theater at 11pm to deal with whatever we had to endure for the next hour...cold lines outside? theaters already filled with only two seats remaining in the very front row?...on opposite ends?
Relieved sigh as we discover they have, indeed, opened the theater for seating by now, and even happier when we find two seats together on the far end just waiting for us in the upper area! no neck strain tonight!
The crowd is absolutely pulsing with excitement.
Applause errupts when the pre-previews begin.
and again for the previews.
But not for the movie. It begins so subtly, many of us are caught off-guard. (in fact, we still need to finish that conversation we were having, Dana, when we both just trailed off, realizing that the deer wandering in the woods was probably not long for that vampire-populated area...the movie had begun!)
Squeals of delight (dare I say I might have contributed to them?yikes! this is so much fun!) as Edward rounds the corner to the cafeteria.
Equal excitement with the arrival of the other Cullen teens.
I do not feel tired at all. which is odd, considering how exhausted I was at 9pm and here it is nearing 12:30am!

and, in the end, (I did not tuck into bed until 3am, oh my!) I have to say...

The movie is a treat for fans of the book! It is not great, and you should read the book first or you may find it incredibly lame... but I am so glad to have been a part of all the midnight silliness (ok--some of the midnight silliness, that standing-outside-in-the-cold-for-hours thing is definitely not for me---and those of you who did, you DESERVE the center seats you scored!)

Crowd reaction (yes, Dana and I included!) was, by far, the best part.

May we all allow ourselves to get swept up in some silliness from time to time.

oh... and sweet dreams :)


Goofy said...

It sounds like it was SO much fun! :) Can't wait to read the books!!!

StefRobrts said...

Dave and I have been discussing that this is obviously the first sign of us being so old we are completely un-hip, because we have never heard anything about this, have no idea what it is, and no idea why anyone is excited about it :) Glad to see you're still hip though!

Daniel said...

I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only out-of-touch mortal out here. Now let me get this straight: this is all about some dead/not-so-dead bloodsucking hottie?

Kelsey Donahue said...

I think I should check this out. I haven't even heard of the books before and now there's all this hype about the movie. I should probably read the books first though. :)

annaliese said...

oh yes! I am soooo hip! just ask my 18 year-old...ha! no, it was acually Dana who first introduced me to the books, and at 22, she IS still hip :)

and, dad, you really shouldn't use the word hottie. it's kind of disturbing.

Dana said...

I don't know if being obsessed with a gorgeous (17-year-old...well sort of 17...) fictional vampire at age 22 is actually considered "hip" or if its just weird, but I guess I can get away with it by saying I'm a writer. Reading all sorts of contemporary fiction is just research. ;)

Regardless, some of my favorite moments from the evening:

Me, reading the screen during the preshow: "I don't think that actually says anything! They tricked us."

Annaliese, observing Edward: "His hair is incredibly high!"

All the teen girls (and some of the moms!): *ear piercing screams of elation at Edward*

The girl sitting next to us when Rosalie doesn't want to help Bella: "(A very unladylike description of another young lady)!"

Haha. That was a crazy night. =D

Trish said...

How brave you were to go out late to see it. Yes you are hip!

I liked it too, but apparantly the 10:45am crowd isn't as animated or shall I say "fanatical" as the midnight crowd because there was NO crowd reaction to anything in our theatre. Hmmpf. That would have made it more fun for me.

Still, in the end, I had fun and felt a little scandulous going to the movies on a Friday morning!

When the next one comes out maybe I'll have to work up my nerve and go with you to the midnight showing.

Shannon said...

I had never heard of Twilight, till a friends teen daughter was here with a shirt that prompted questions about it. She, being "young and cool" educated me all about it. Then after reading on your blog (and knowing you ARE cool no doubt!) I decided I must go out and get the book. It is hard to put down and now I am anxious to finish and see the movie! So, the movie is just based on the first book and there are more books correct? First Facebook, now Twilight, have I made up for the bus yet? ;-)