Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have followers!

blogging...what a wonderful, strange, new world.

I love reading posts, following rabbit-trails, and discovering just how talented everyone is.

Today, I discovered this fabulous feature called 'followers'.

And BONUS! I already have two--without even knowing I did! (thanks Amy and Heidi!)

So, I've added a follower widget (fabulous word) to the top of my right hand sidebar...and (here's where YOU come in...) I would LOVE to have you add yourself to my followers! :)

But only if you want to... ;)


Carrie said...

Hi Annaliese,

I am already stalking, er, following you. I use Google Reader instead of the Blogger Following application, so if I followed you, I would get your stuff twice. You can still count me as one of your followers anyway!

Have you had a chance to come peek at my blogs? Come on over anytime!

Chubby Fingers (Family Blog)
Oikology 101

Carrie said...

Whaaaaaaaat?? How bizarre is that?? Now Kendra just needs to find someone you went to college with out there in the blogosphere and the circle will be complete!!

Small world, man. Small world...

Dana said...

Well, you already know that I stalk I just made it official! ♥

Jennifer P. said...

Well you follow me so I'll follow you ;)! It seems I've been a bit of the overwhelmed blogger lately, so I may not always get to comment--but I WILL always read :)!

All the best to you!
~Jennifer P.

Trish said...

Oh, I'll follow you........!!
I just figured out this whole follower thing.

May I also add you to my links?