Friday, May 16, 2008

More Disnosaurs...

The cries of the prehistoric creatures preceded their appearance as we walked up the newly created path to the special exhibit visiting our zoo. Not exactly what you expect to see across from the elephants and just up the way from the penguins, but there they stood, shifting their feet, opening their mouths (even spitting in one case!), and watching us as closely as we watched them, through their life-like eyes. The huge, audio-animatronic beasts were quite a sight to experience up close.

Most of the trail, we were as tight as a four-headed creature ourselves, with the children plastered as close to my legs as possible while still moving forward. Gabby and Ian stepped out just far enough to allow me to capture photos of them in front of several of the dinos, but Evie's feet never even touched the ground. It was not until we were well below the display that she allowed me to set her down. She is much like those toys whose hands and legs fly up and out simultaneously when the pull-string is tugged. If she does not want to be set down, her legs extend out and up beyond normal leg range of motion making it nearly impossible to detach her.

very loud!

"I do not want to be here!"

The T-Rex at the end was our favorite, of course. They have a special 'exit slide' set up just before you reach his fence that allows anyone wishing to avoid passing in front of him to slide down and away to 'safety'. Gabby, Ian and Evie slid away to safety 9 times. The older two also braved a photo with Rexie (ears covered, of course, to muffle the terrible roars!) after all those trips down the chute.

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Shannon said...

Looks like lots of fun! Isn't it funny that these wild girls actually ARE afraid of some things? ;-) Great pictures! Hope you all are doing good!!