Sunday, May 25, 2008

I got to wake up in the city that doesn't sleep

cute couple in the streets of NY.!

kung fu hubby. this is why I love him.

construction at ground zero.

central park.

Jeff's most recent business trip took him to New York City and, well, I just had to accompany him on this one :) (I passed on Nebraska the week earlier. no offense to any Nebraskans reading this blog. I just don't know you yet, so didn't have a reason to go...)

Four days in the Big Apple doing...well...nothing. It was wonderful. Shopping, eating, people-watching (extremely interesting anywhere, but I have to say ESPECIALLY there!), taking in a Broadway show (Spam-a-lot), seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, walking in Central Park, going to Battery Park, visiting the WTC memorial.

In these most difficult years of young child-rearing, I have to say, we have been really blessed with many unexpected moments (some moments even extending for days at a time!) of just him and me time.


Shannon said...

SO jelous! How wonderful for you all! I want to go to New York with no children! :0) I guess I get China. 14 hours alone on a plane together. Doesn't that sound heavenly & romantic? HA!

the gove family said...

oh that plane ride...! no, definitely not heavenly ;)...and, what a bummer! you don't even have me to look across the plane at every few hours this time :(

Shannon said...

I know, SO sad to not have you on the jouney this time! You know you could always join us for old times sake. Who needs a baby to go to China? Just go along for moral support of your friends!