Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine's Tea Party

Such fun!

All ready for our guests to arrive.

plenty of cream and sugar!

An aspect of homeschooling that I do not like is the kiddos missing out on silly school day traditions, like the annual holiday parties.

We certainly do enough around the house and with friends and family on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and those ones are not that big of a deal. But what to do about Valentine's Day?

This year, Gabby asked to have a tea party with all her friends. I agreed on a smaller scale. :)Chloe, Lane, Liam and their mommy, Vanessa, joined us for a Valentine's Day Tea Party on Friday, Feb. 15th. We exchanged Valentine's cards and enjoyed a traditional English tea. (with a few pb&j sandwiches thrown in for those less inclined to eat cucumber).


rebanerck said...

you are such a girly girl... poor Ian... he needs to spend a week at Aunt Becky's house so he can see what life could really be like... hee hee!

the gove family said...

It is so true...Ian actually loves tea parties and is always asking to have one. But don't worry too much...he is currently "killing" all his dinosaurs because (as he explained it to me) "they all need to be 'stinked'. I think he means extinct, but who knows, it might have something to do with smells, they are also a current favorite with him! :)