Friday, February 29, 2008

Portrait Time

While I adore taking of my least favorite things to do is have professional portraits done. Even when I am not in the pictures, it is a dreaded outing. Needless to say, we do not have many family portraits, and my children definitely do not have their lives documented on professional film. However, I recently ventured to a local studio, really more as a favor to a friend who was in training and needed subjects than out of desire to have pictures taken. (I figured my rowdy crowd would really break her in well!)

To my great surprise...the photos turned out beautiful! (not that I don't think I have beautful children...because, of course, I do...but our studio sessions NEVER turn out great shots...these are an anomoly in our family portraits!) Now, of course, I am sharing them with you :)
This was also a new venture in that I have never had photos taken of just the younger kiddos. Shell always is in the shots, as well, and usually ends up looking like a young, over-whelmed mother :) ha! While it is sad to not see her gorgeous face among the littles...she is actually quite relieved to not have been a part of the chaotic picture session. Besides, we have her senior photos done and I will be posting those beauties very soon :)


Mer said...

Those are lovely pictures. You have beautiful children. :0)

Shannon said...

Oh I love them! Please send me one for Sage's wall! Every day we go through her picture board hanging in her room and say everyones name. She loves her Evie, and while the one of her in the bucket is adorable, we need a pigtail one!