Friday, February 22, 2008


Ian and dinosaur.

holding one of them now!

daddy working on a puzzle with Ian and Evie.

ian and evie as dinosaurs.

mommy and gabby as dinosaurs.

It is with great joy that I announce the Gove Family has finally visited OMSI! Not a big deal to non-Pacific Northwesterners...but for those in this area...sheeesh, wowie! It sure took us a long time to go see it! 8 years to be exact!

Shell had actually visited the museum back in 4th grade when we first moved up here, and liked it so much that we considered getting a family pass. How like us...haven't even been there and already considering how we can get in whenever we want :)

Well, last summer, while visiting SoCal, we purchased an annual pass to a science museum down there. Because...the fine print stated that we could use it all year at reciprocal museums--one of those being OMSI. (another is the Evergreen Aviation Museum that I blogged about earlier) The allure of being able to access many museums in our area for free all year was too much, we had to do it! No matter that it took us nearly 6 months to begin using these benefits... ah well.

The traveling exhibit of dinosaur fossils (primarily from China) was awesome. There were even some audio-animatronic dino replicas. They proved too terrifying for Evie, but Ian and Gabby were enchanted.

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