Monday, November 19, 2007

We have a two year old!

Oh my! Two!

When looking at this photo of Evie today... is amazing to see her one year ago!

Opting to go 'hands free'!

Checking out her new fun, chair from Grammie and Poppy!

We celebrated Evie's birthday today with a yummy, cake. Ian and Gabby decorated the house beautifully and Evie enjoyed opening her presents. It was simple and low-key, and very enjoyable :) We are planning to celebrate her birthday again, along with Gabby's, in December.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Evangeline!


rebanerck said...

Happy Birthday Evie! Do you ever start to feel like it is always someone's birthday?!?! Just stock up on balloons and streamers and you will always be ready!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Someday we hope that we can be together to celebrate birthday week!

Mer said...

What a cutie! I love her hair in those tiny little pig-tails.