Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is ...

...the happiest reindeer!

ian, dad, gabby, evie and my sister, christianna...last Christmas.

...Vanna (Danna?) White!

...hmmmm. nice, dad. moving on...

...a super, fabulous dad who deserves much better than a 'just-after-midnight-(because-Arizona-is-dumb-and-does-not-do-daylight-savings-time)-oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-I-almost-forgot-your-birthday-call' call from his eldest daughter!

I love you, Dad!!!

Happy Birthday!


Daniel said... was the movie? Thanks for the call, even though a little I love you!
PS Who's the old guy in the pictures?

the gove family said...

oh, movie was great! shows where my priorities are, huh? :) No, I really was thinking of you all day and then, of course, just spaced it and went to a movie! (American Gangster...quite good. though a bit too violent for me to say it was a great movie)

love you!

rebanerck said...

What makes you think you look old, Dad White? Happy Birthday! Maybe Annaliese will forgive me for not calling on her birthday, since she almost did the same to you... :-) Love ya' all! ooh... that sounds so southern!