Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween tradition

this group photo just wasn't going to happen.

remove the youngest two, and it's not too difficult to get a shot of Tiger Lily (Gabby), cheerleader (Hannah), Captain Hook (Ian) and Darth Vader (Justin)

hey! speak of the little ones...Evie and Owen as Tinkerbell and a frog.

on the couch they are better contained, even some smiles!...however, it does look as though Owen is texting for someone to get him out of there!

Ever since Gabby and her friend, Hannah were tiny, we have met them each Halloween to photograph them, and, of course, all of the siblings that have been added since!

As Hannah's mommy, Heather said, trying to get a group photo of all 6 was exactly like "herding cats"!

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