Saturday, July 21, 2007

A long, tooth-less night...and into the next day

Gabby's front teeth are finally out! Those teeth have been wiggly for months and yesterday she finally announced to her big sister, Shell, that she wanted them out. (Shell is the in-house tooth remover--she absolutely LOVES pulling teeth--no kidding!) Well, that wiggle session must have loosened them up enough, because a bit after Gab had gone to bed, she reappeared with her left front tooth in her hand and a big grin with a hole in it! Although daddy then made a good attempt to get the other one out (it was dangling), it did not make its final exit until mid-morning when, while playing with her brother, Ian, Gabby triumphantly pulled out that right front tooth.

Just look at that new, beautiful, toothless smile!


Daniel said...

You gotta love that thmile!

rebanerck said...

Hee Hee! Isn't it fun that they are turning into kids, with their goofy grins? Love it! --rebecca