Monday, July 2, 2007

Let's try blogspot

So the Gove family website never seems to get updated. Many things contribute to that fact. The primary factors being that I (Annaliese) write the updates, but Jeff is needed to post them, because my brain just cannot seem to wrap itself around the complexities of the web posting system. I was, however, the one doing all of the posting in China, and since this is the same type of automated system (I believe)...I am pretty sure I can handle this one on my own. (she says with an air of confidence and yet realizes in the same key stroke that she now may have no excuse for why she is so behind in her web posts...)

This first post is very much just a random ramble of words. It is to see if I can successfully post.
Please do not put much weight on the content of this post. They will get better. They must.


Shannon said...

Yeah for blogger! Very excited! Sage can't wait to see more pictures of her "sister".

Daniel said...

Best blog on the internet! Lots of babes, beefcake and smiles. Your public is screaming for more. We want to see Mommy too.
....Dad, Sheri and the girls

barbara said...

Great to see this blogspot! The kids pictures were a blessing. Keep it up! Barb, Bill, and Alyssa

Keith and Tricia said...

Great Job! There are some great photos on here already and it's a great way to stay in touch. You rule! I hope you all are doing well.
Bye For Now.

Betty & Mike Shepherd said...

Glad to see more recent pics of your family. Hope to see Mommy in future blogs. Looking forward to possibly seeing you soon?
Aunt Betty & Uncle Mike