Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camping at Fort Stevens

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that at the end of Camp Fun, we packed up the camper and headed to the coast for the weekend. These are some photos of that trip. The shipwreck is that of the Peter Iredale. It is so fastinating to be able to walk (at low tide) right up to it. One of my favorite things in the Northwest.


Shannon said...

How fun! My kids are so jelous of the camper. And the beach, and especially the marshmallows! ;)

Mer said...

I've been there before. I think it was in middle school. My best friend and I were playing in the waves and got all scratched up by that sunken debris. I convinced her that the salt water would help, and we stayed and played. We were pretty numb with the cold water - but when we came out we were bleeding like crazy and her parents about panicked.

Good times, good times... :0)