Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Gabby and Evie enjoying their friend, Minnie Mouse, at Disneyland last week.

I have many more photos to share from this past weeks' celebrations, but this is it for today as we attempt to 1. recover from the weekend (oof! Mondays are HARD) 2. get our schoolwork done...we are on double duty this week in an attempt to not get to far off schedule when our friends come to visit next week and we take 3 days off to party with them!!!...and 3. get dressed (yet again! this is our 3rd time!) in our costumes to trick-or-treat at daddy's office then the neighborhood.


I'm tired and it's not even noon.

but I'm throwing another post out in the blog world, and that's all I promised I would keep doing. for now. Eventually I will up the ante and will actually promise content and quality. eventually.

And it's Halloween! So, let's all go have fun, be safe and Rot Those Teeth :) (you are welcome, dentists).

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Mer said...

I totally want to come visit you some year at Halloween and get dressed up and go to Disneyland and see all the characters in costume. What fun! My parents went one year and thought it was great.